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Let's Ride!
Let's Ride!

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Liz blogs about the jaw-droppingly awesome #spaceship Jeff Highsmith has built in his kids' bedroom, including 38 switches, knobs, potentiometers and buttons, nearly 300 LEDs, a robot arm in the payload bay, and a bass shaker to give passengers that extra realistic experience. A Raspberry Pi is there to deal with logic and audio:

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A free Galileo board!!
Hey, I have a good news for you! Yep, Microsoft intend to sends you a free Intel Galileo board!! Take a look in this post and check how to join in this program.

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I guess they need to make the dish a bit more bird proof.
This is NUTS! Microwave tower failed due to cache of acorns from woodpeckers!
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Oh dear, lucky for Cisco almost no one uses these CDs, thus it took so long to find it ... and Apple is assisting them with the new Macs that don't have a CD drive, let's call that a mitigation technique.

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This looks really cool ... just need to think of a project to use it on.

Yay! Gruen Transfer back on August 3rd, I await the small eruptions from Todd Sampson, and the pleasant looks of Dee Madigan and Bridget Taylor ... even if she is from NZ ;-)
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