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SEO - uncovering the mystery of what should be obvious...
SEO - uncovering the mystery of what should be obvious...


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Bill Hartzer Comes On Board At Advice Local
Interested to see this well known Dallas company shifting focus slightly to bring more weight to Agency Services.
Really appreciate the openness and enthusiasm shown to us by  +Bernadette Coleman  when we approached her and Bill after +Scott Vann got wind of a tease about the move on Facebook a few days before the announcement :)
+Bill Hartzer makes a surprise move to +Advice Interactive Group. We spoke with him and Advice CEO +Bernadette Coleman to get all the details straight from the source, including the question will he still be speaking at conferences around the world.

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Nice insight into just some of the outstanding speakers and sessions on the Agenda for you at Big Digital Adelaide. Love that our speakers are as excited about each other as regular attendees are!
So much to be learned, so much fun to be had, and an amazing, iconic South Australian Networking event at Coopers Ale House, sponsored by none other than Moz!

Get your tickets now.
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It’s a well known fact that little old Adelaide often misses out on tours, gigs, and conferences. So when it comes to professional development we are often looking interstate or even overseas to keep up to date with whats happening in the industry. The need to travel can be costly to businesses in both airfares/hotels as well as lost time.

+Jennifer Slegg +Sha Menz +Aleyda Solis +Gianluca Fiorelli +Tony McCreath +Woj Kwasi and many more!

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Looking For Slide Decks from +Pubcon #Austin 2016?
We all know what it's like when we've been to a great industry conference and heard a ton of great speakers. We've heard them say things we'll want to share, but mostly we get caught up in all the action and don't make sure we take note of where to find them later.

When the time comes to share, we can't remember exactly which conference it was, which speaker or which of their two or three sessions. All we want to do is find those awesome quotes, mind-blowing tools or actionable tactics, but we can't for the life of us, find the right slide decks.

That used to be me, but now I have exactly what I need to stop it from happening any more.

Big Thank You to +Scott Vann for birthing this idea and bringing it to life. Best post conference tool ever! If you're looking for the slide decks presented by speakers at #Pubcon Austin 2016, you'll find as many as we can get together in this post.

If you're a #Pubcon Speaker and we haven't dug out your presentation and got it into the list yet, please go ahead and send us the link so we can get yours added too.

...and keep your eye on #Kangadillo as we do our best to curate all of the presentation slides from the best Digital Marketing, #Search  and #Social events.

Now if you didn't make it to Pubcon Austin today, settle in for a while. This post is for you.

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12 Things Happy People Do Differently

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Can't wait to get my hands on this! Congrats on the launch and thanks so much for always being the Master Decoder in the world of analytics :)

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Talking with Dr Pete
Two of my favorite people talking Google SERPs, #Ranking Factors, #localsearch and Amazon Echo :)
+Peter Meyers of +Moz joined us on the #VisionaryMarketing  podcast to discuss game changers in Google search including recommended home services, snack packs vs local stacks, and search engine ranking factors. 

It would mean the world if you gave it a listen and shared in your social channels. 

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Sometimes the simplest things make the most profound difference.
Have a small child and a big idea? Campus For Moms, the world’s first baby-friendly startup school, is ready for you to jump in:

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"US Companies Suck at Social"
That might seem harsh, but here's flat-out proof a small business with heart can effortlessly beat most massive corporates in social media. Every time.
There's a reason some people prefer to call it "customer care" rather than "customer service". But when you actually do care, and understand what your customers want and need, your social channels can become real drivers for your business.
+American Express  may be at the top of the Big Brand tree, but the inevitable demands of scale make that a tough place to be.  If you're in charge of social at a big corporate, take a lesson from +Lockhart Smokehouse BBQ in #Plano Texas.
Your customers will thank you, and so will your bottom line!
7 social media dos and don'ts for business. My fave is "Don’t tell a customer to call or email you, if that is needed be proactive and call or email them." 
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