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David Wollmann
Get to the chopper.
Get to the chopper.


I will automatically ignore your directions if you try to send me to bing maps. WTF people?!


Android TV 📺

When you want a TV that really, really sucks and is just as dodgy as your Android phone.

Never again.

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Hi, G+.

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Pho tai at Viet House.

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Happy Hindenburg Day.


Stronger filtering has been enabled. Hmm.

Help me out. If you buy into the stigmatization of entire groups of people and think the world will magically improve if some jackass builds a wall, please let me know so I can uncircle. Thanks.

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I just love this song.
Ooh La La - Faces
Ooh La La - Faces

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How sad. Millions of lives ruined so a sociopath could build a short-lived personal empire. Will we ever learn?
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