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Welcome to the MBL-FU. This is the official google+-Website.
Welcome to the MBL-FU. This is the official google+-Website.

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The schedule for the next academic year is available here. This schedule is still in progress and therefore subject to some modifications. But the information could be helpful if you have to manage work and study. In this case you should consider as well as that a tutorial once a week will take place.

FAQ's on the Single Degree Program

What characterizes the MBL-FU?

The course language of the postgraduate degree MBL-FU is English. There is currently no other legal master degree in Berlin offered entirely in English. The MBL-FU focusses competition and regulatory law and is based exclusively around international and European law. Accordingly, the course modules were devised and are held by experts from international companies, law firms and national and international public authorities (in particular the German Competition Authority, the German Network Agency and the European Commission).
The MBL-FU is one of the only master degrees in Germany with a ‘blended learning concept’ combining e-learning and traditional learning methods.

Who is part of the MBL-FU’s target group?

The MBL-FU is a master degree for persons who already have an undergraduate qualification. To be able to apply for a place, you must have a German or foreign degree, espacially with a primary focus on law. The MBL-FU is not a general legal qualification. It is a highly specialised course and as such is only attractive for persons who have already dealt with regulatory law and either work or plan to work in this area.

Is the degree offered as a part-time course for professionals?

The course is offered only as a full time course (2 semesters).

Is e-learning available to everyone? 

Through the matriculation each student gets access to the internet-offers of the master course. Students that do not participate at the MBL-FU cannot have access thereto.

Which data protection regulations are applicable? 

Applicable are the general data protection regulations for the Freie Universität Berlin. 

Does e-learning belong to the compulsory courses? 

Yes. The participation at the e-learning is compulsory like the lectures. The participation at the e-learning is compulsory, because it is an essential part of the course. Due to the fact that the e-learning can be operated from any location, it is not recognizable whether a student deals with this part of the course during the course. The duty is therefore in the interest of the student, because without a participation at the e-learning the student cannot cope with the course. It controls his learning progress and gives him a guidance and support for the self-study.

How are the students supervised? 

At the institute works a number of assistants of foreign origin. As tutors they will mentor the foreign students answering to content-related questions. The tutors are per e-mail and in the consultation hours available.

The duration of the modules varies between 6 and 8 weeks, within which a work-load of  150 h resp. 300 h shall be covered. Is that affordable? 

That is affordable. One should consider that the modules last 8 weeks and include a paper as a form of exams, which is a significant percentage of hours. The lectures take place as block classes on Fridays and Saturdays, and in the rest of the week remains enough time to deal with and deepen the material obtained in the lecture by using the e-learning offers.

Can an exam replace a paper ? 

No, that is not possible. A certain number of papers is necessary. Exams cover only one part of the knowledge. Only by the means of papers one can exercise and control the understanding of connections and complex questions.

The Master-Thesis shall be written in 12 weeks and cover approx. 50 pages. Is this affordable ? 

Such a length is affordable. Normally in such papers in legal science it is not about an essay but rather about experts’ reports, case solutions, drafting contracts and drafting legal opinions. They have to comply with special form and content requirements, so that a volume of up to 50 pages does not seem too high.

Student's report

I have always wanted to study abroad and choosing FU Berlin could not have been a better choice. The staff is very friendly and supportive, if you have any kind of doubt about the course or even about how things work in Berlin you can simply send them an email and they are always open to help. The mix of students from all over the world makes it very interesting, as you learn more about other cultures and can even practice that language you learned a while ago and never had the chance to practice. Berlin is also a very interesting place, it is a young city with an intense night life, but if that is not what you are looking for, you can simply relax in one of the inumerous parks of the city. Studying at FU Berlin is a good idea as you get to experience an amazing city as well as to study in one of the best Universities in Europe.

M. Takabatake

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Questions on the MBL-FU

The relaunch of our website is still in progress, so the English version is not completed yet. Our current brochure is available  in English here, please follow the link below.

The MBL-FU combines in class-teaching and e-learning. A big part of the e-learning tasks is reflected in our project Online Commentary on European Competition and Regulatory Law (OnComment). The public version of this project is available here: And is is reflected in the EnergyWiki:

The blended learning concept does not mean a distance learning concept. The MBL-FU is a full time study on site.

All lectures are held in English; for participating in the MBL-FU no German knowledge is required.

Questions on Application Procedure

We have a lot of inquiries in term of the upcoming period of application and admission.

Thus we want to use the opportunity for giving you some hints on recurring questions:

If you want to know more about the MBL-FU program, please consult our webpage: or our current brochure which is available there as well (see "Downloads")

The FU Berlin uses an online based application and admission procedure. Further information about this you will find here:

If you have decided for applying we ask you for uploading the following documents:

- A certified copy of the certificate of your university degree,
- A letter of motivation which describes your education, practical  
  experiences regarding the issues of the MBL-FU and the planned
  focus of your master thesis and a short description of your current
- Tabular CV
- A certificate verifying your English language ability, in particular your
  TOEFL results
- Recommendation letter, if you have

If there are any further questions - please let us know!

We wish to all a happy new year!

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In this unique Master's course offered by the Free University in Berlin, students will get acquainted with antitrust law, international contract and trading law as well as with regulatory law in particular with European telecommunication law and energy law. This knowledge equips students for a professional career in national and  international companies, law firms and public authorities.

The course combines 'in class' lectures an internet-supported e-learning, making it flexible and interactive.

Teaching language is English. French speaking students are offered a double master's degree prograamme in Business, Competition and Regulatory Law by the Free University in Berlin and the Science Po de l'Université de Strasbourg.

Welcome to the MBL-FU. This is the official google+-Website.
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