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Write. Speak. Create. Inspire.
Write. Speak. Create. Inspire.

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Great gang to work for if you're interested in something new and a little different.
Start 2014 with a new job at +FutureGov
Including Service Designers, Product Lead for Casserole, and Web Developers:

#jobs #servicedesign #ruby #rails #productmanagement 

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A simple essay/letter to my wonderful friend whom we lost on Boxing Day.

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Love this. Largely because it's how I know my wife loves me this deeply...

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"Ambition is only understood if it's the rise to the top of some imaginary ladder of success."

This little comic from the folks at +Zen Pencils (quotes from Bill Waterson) is one of the most inspiring things I've seen/read in a very long time. Just beautiful.

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"The extra minute doesn’t actually make that much of a difference in how much you are able to communicate." Seth Godin

Love this post on Seth's blog, but not enough speakers or presenters heed this sort of advice. As Seth says, there will always be more you want to get across, so accept that and instead work on making the 10 minutes (or 8 or 60) as effective as possible for that limit.

Apologies to everyone who follows my dribblings on G+, I've been away for a week and totally off social media (what a lovely break that was, despite the withdrawal symptoms!) and before then I was being a bit lax.

Anyway, I'm back. Who's the coolest person you've Circled this week? (Is Circled a verb? can it be? what else is it? I'm still confused by you, +Google+ 

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My friend Lindsey Dryden has made a remarkable film about deafness, music and what life is like when you realise your hearing will soon be gone.

She's raising money on +Indiegogo to be able to release the film with the perfect soundtrack to complement her stories and I'd love it if you'd check it out – I don't expect you to contribute (unless you want to, of course), but if you would maybe share the project with just one other person (or on your stream) that would be amazing.

This film deserves to be seen.

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Ever feeling like you don't know what you're doing and someone's about to find you out?

I think we all suffer from Imposter Syndrome (I certainly do, probably more often than I like to admit to), but I came across this piece on +Cyclone Life today which explains exactly how to overcome it.

Specifically crucial for me is the idea explained in the diagram that we think we only know a tiny amount of what everyone else knows, whereas in fact we just have differing, overlapping knowledge.

The erroneous thinking, as explained in the article, is "If I don’t know everything, then I know nothing."

Check out the full post, it's well worth a read.
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