I just talked to Richard the land owner and he has confirmed what Mark advised me, lambing is in progress right now so please no going to Dill's Hill until further notice (probably be ok end of this month or early October).

Richard also advised that the site's entrance gate has been replaced with a new one so no more worrying if the gate is going to fall to pieces in your hands :-)

The track to the gate is tractor-only at the moment and right now that's the way Richard likes it, as it deters people coming on to his property with lambing now on. Between you me and the new gate(post), if the track is too problematic in the flying months we could look at doing something about it (anyone own a quarry?).

The other good news is Richard is happy to have us on his property (when lambing finishes) as we've not caused him any problems and he is just a nice guy. Again a big thank you to Mark Neville for all the good work in maintaining such a great flyer/owner relationship.


Hey All.

Just been talking to Mark Neville as I'm taking up the reins from him to be the site monitor for Dill's Hill. He mentioned that the farmers at Dill's lamb early compared to other NZ farmers, in fact Dill's will be lambing right now probably finishing at the end of this month. Although the weather is not currently conducive for flying from Dill's, please keep this in mind as the weather improves through September.

I'm yet to talk to the Dill's family but will advise more once I do.

Also in speaking with Graham, hopefully the Holfuy weather station will be resurrected soon - just in time for the thermals :)

Cheers, Brendan.
0210 834 5515.
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