Does anybody know where they can get their hands on a "Century (Or GM) Infant Love Seat" from the 1980s?  Yes, I know they're a deathtrap, yada yada yada, but I need one for a friend who survived dying and is trying to rebuild his #MST3K bot collection.  To quote him...

"Back in 2007 I built replicas of Crow, Servo & Gypsy. Then I brought them to display when I brought Joel & J. Elvis to Gallifrey 2008, and Joel, J. Elvis, Trace & Frank to Super-Con San Jose 2008. They signed all the bots. Fast forward to April 2011, I was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure and had to sell them on Ebay, as I couldn't work and had to pay my mortgage (I'm still fighting to get disability BTW).

Now, I have rebuilt Crow & Servo, and I would like to build their sister. "

Pics of that which I seek in the website.
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