Hey, you may or may not have heard... but I make a tv show with some friends of mine.  It's called +Cinematic For The People.  We watch old bad movies, make fun of them, and then edit the whole thing together so you can have the movies and the jokes at the same time.

Yes, it's a bit like #mst3k  was - ok, it's a LOT like MST3K was - up to and including the fact that we give our show away for free.  We took a few months off to work on some other stuff and to improve and enhance CFTP for series 2, and as of last night, Series 2 Episode 1 made its debut on our youtube channel. 

Due to the amount of down time we had between Series 1 and Series 2, it would be awesome if you would share this with people you know to help us get the word back out.

Also, to +Bliss Morgan +Adam Boenig +Sarah Rios +Kate Childers +Kelsey Swanson +George Charles +Brand Gamblin and anybody else who helped me and my family out a couple months back when we were scrapping the bottom of financial bucket, you may want to check in around here - http://youtu.be/fXbbPgReUC0?t=1h44m48s - for the credits, as you all got thank yous or Associate Producer credits because... well... I could.  Thank you all again.
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