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Jim “Danger” Hanson
Exec. Producer/Star of Cinematic For The People. Humorist, author, artist, botbuilder and Blue Mage. Occasionally also Webcomic Artist Emeritus.
Exec. Producer/Star of Cinematic For The People. Humorist, author, artist, botbuilder and Blue Mage. Occasionally also Webcomic Artist Emeritus.

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So, +Jim Hanson tipped me to this upcoming book by Allison Griner... and it sounds kinda awesome. And it's doing really well in the +Geek & Sundry contest on Inkshares!

About Storm Song

Like any good story, it started with a bit too much to drink.

“It’s worth more than half a kingdom! And that’s not even touching the sort of power you can gain from it.” The old man was rambling, shouting over the noise of the tavern. Most ignored him as they went about their night, but one young man edged closer. He liked a good story, after all, and the man seemed very inclined to tell his.

“Go on, then.” The younger man urged as he took a seat at the small round table and set his cup down. “What’s this fantastic treasure called?”

“They called it the luck diamond.” The old man was eager to have an audience. “I only saw it once, but oh… That was enough to know I had to see it again. She’s a beautiful gem, enough to make a man rich for ten lifetimes.”

“And the stone’s power?”

“The magic of luck is fickle, but for the brave, you can choose to tap it and hope for the best. The stone will cast a spell for you, yes, but the wielder has no control over what happens. The magic is tuned to the luck of the user. Last man I saw with it had very bad luck, it seems.”

“What happened to him?”

The old man squinted, suddenly a bit suspicious. “You’ve got a lot of questions, boy. What’s your name?”


Storm Song tells the tale of Thoster Chatwyn, a man growing up in the town of Merrowport who assumed his lot in life was to tell fantastical stories rather than play a part in them. But after meeting the captain of a ship docked at the local harbor, all of that changed. Soon, he found himself falling into an adventure more dangerous and wondrous than any fairy tale that ever passed his lips. But playing the part of the hero isn’t always easy. Dark magic and secrets lurk at every turn, eager to rob Thoster of his true potential.

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I have come back to G+ to ask you all a huge favor... a friend of mine wrote an awesome book and had entered the current Inkshares contest to try and get her book published and was doing really really good - until an already published, not needing help, established author also joined the fray and knocked her out of first place.

And while it's not technically against the rules, it's kinda a jerk move, so I'm calling in favors wherever I can to try and help spread the word for her and get her book out there to see if we can't get her back on even footing

If you love fantasy, pirates, magic, independent authors, strong smart lady writers, truth, justice, and the American Way... give her book a look? And even if it's not your own personal cuppa, maybe you can at least help spread the word?

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This isn't funny anymore. 

We aren't fulfilling Godwin's law.Or at least not just. But this has gone on long enough. Far past it.

We're using our observational skills to note that we are on the brink of nominating for the presidency a man who's social and  publicity tactics, stated espoused policy and plans, rhetoric and behavior... who in those things resembles Hitler in his rise to power. 

We're using our observational skills to note that that rise to power came at the hands of an increasingly desperate population that had experienced a devastating cycle of war and nonrecovery; a population that wasn't able to work toward prosperity because the prosperity was being taken by a richer group (back then that'd have been US and those we allied with, in case it's unclear); a population that was vulnerable to divisive rhetoric and violent leading due to a historically diverse population - culturally, socially, religiously and race/ethnically. And we're noting as a people that that sounds familiar. 

It's not funny. History lessons with Mrs. Smith in room 127 in your high school wasn't funny. Internment camp images you were forced to see weren't funny. Their isn't a joke here any longer. The fact remains that a leader is being chosen by the people that openly and unabashedly espouses local and global violence against those people who we can't trust.  Queer folk (but not you, only those flamboyant pushy ones), brown folk (but not you, only those dangerous ones, or those ones that want to take your jobsnstuff), women folk (but not you, only those feminazis), poor folk (but not you, only the LAZY ones).  It's not really a but situation. With that absolutism and that call for that level violence it's an all or nothing situation.

I can't go back in the closet, I am white but by god I try not to be a part of the problem that was set up by my forefathers and I'm doing my best to get by on the working class dime.  I am the enemy for this monstrosity. I am not in place to hide, and I won't do so even if I could. But...

I'm nauseous with fear of it. And I don't understand why more people aren't. 

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More old comic archives.
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Trying to save a bunch of the old AoD comics to some place other than my hard drive... ignore me.
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It's with a heavy heart that I say this... but I am pretty sure at this point I quit Google Plus.

This is not the "I'm taking my toys and going home" ranting of a entitled butthurt neckbeard. This is a serious thing, and I've been thinking about it for some time now.

I've been with G+ since the very very very beginning. Since it was "invite only" and you could sneak people in by tagging them in a post. I loved Google Plus. I ate and breathed G+. I didn't get my (at my peak) 25k followers by sitting idly by.

And I've stood with G+ through a lot of the changes. Through the poorly-designed android app, to the scrapping of the black bar across the top, to the "hey, let's make this shit look like Pinterest" two column thing, all the way to this.

I loved my Circles. I curated. I shared. I cross-posted, and looked at my Ripples. We were a better place than Facebook. Facebook was for people you already knew (but sometimes wished you didn't), Twitter was for people you met but didn't really know, and Google Plus was for people you didn't know yet... but really should.

The problem... I suspect... was that Google has never really seemed to care about the people they already had, they've always been more interested in the people that they didn't have yet but wanted to have. They hurt their hardcore userbase so much with the FORCED signup and integration, the hardline name policy, the FORCED YouTube inclusion - all in an attempt to get people who didn't want to use G+ to use it, and almost in defiance of the people who already did.

With this most recent change, they have essentially destroyed the concept of "The Circle", which was one of the core components of G+ and one of the big things that made it stand out from Facebook. Finding your Circles, viewing content by Circle, putting people in Circles - it's gone from the mobile app, and it's damn near hidden from this web interface.

There's a bunch of people on here who I'm going to miss, but anymore it's nearly impossible to find your posts through the flotsam and jetsam of their new design and despicable sorting algorithm. Since I can't use my circles anymore, I'm going to try and namecheck a few of you now:

+Bliss Morgan +Christopher Butler +Sarah Rios +Brittany Constable +Charles Moore +Harold Chester +Franck RABESON +Glenn Rogers +Lexi Gable +Isaac Winters +Jake Kern +Kai Saffron +Steve Kunzer

If any of you (not just those I could find to name) want to join me over on... ugh ... Facebook, you are more than welcome to hit me up here:


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If you know me, you know I am not a huge Tenth Doctor fan. I don't like a lot of the things that happened with the character under his watch, and I think I blame him for that (in part) and have a bit of a bias.

On the other hand, I am a HUGE fan of the work Big Finish does, especially on "redeeming" some of the less-loved, less-explored Doctors like 6 and 8.

So... that said, this is the mixedest bag of mixed bags for me. On one hand, they picked - hands down - the best companion for this, the one who kept him in line and on the straight and narrow. On the other hand, knowing how things end with Donna (spolier alert: it was less good) is going to make this a little harder to enjoy.

For historical context, Big Finish has been making Doctor Who episodes - licensed, official, probably canon episodes - for nearly 20 years with MOST of the Fandom never actually noticing they exist. While they are audio-only (no pictures), they feature the real stars of the show, Doctors and companions and villains, and a good number of the people working on the new show got their start (at least in Doctor Who) through Big Finish first.

Up until now, there has been an invisible wall of sorts separating the old and new series - no mentions of Time Wars or the Doctor's future incarnations were allowed, and they've only employed the services of the 4th thru 8th Doctors. In the last couple of years, starting with the big 50, they've been expanding their focus... recasting (to an extent) the now-deceased 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Doctors, and teasing more and more about inclusion of some of the Post-2005 Doctor Who universe.

This is a big jump, not the first but probably the highest profile of the jumps they've made thus far, as this is going to be the one that puts asses in seats (metaphorically) and gives the millennials with their hiphop and their easy bake ovens a reason to care about the audio-only world of Doctor Who.

So... fingers crossed, and I guess... Allons-y?

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Finally dark enough for people to be able to see the screen. Tonight's Halloween Driveway Horror Movie is The Brain Machine because it sounds extra spoopy.

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Happy Halloween! It's CFTP In-Con-ceivable special: Vengeance of the Zombies!

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CFTP returns for the second part of Season 3, going back to their roots to revisit our favorite foreign werewolf in his somewhat confusing, contradictory, bizarre origin story.

Aliens... at least we think they're aliens... begin enacting what I can only describe as "Plan 8 From Outer Space", gathering a motley band of ragtag expy horror monsters to try and help them conquer the world. The lone hold-out to their sinister plan is a werewolf who decides to fight on the side of good... or love... or whoever is willing to scratch him behind the ears. Can our hairy hero save the day? And do Dracula and Frankenstein (the monster) ever actually meet up in the story? Tune in to be disappointed.
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