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Josh Marsfelder
I reject the normalization of capitalist rhetoric in our society.
I reject the normalization of capitalist rhetoric in our society.

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Home Port
Migration has been a vital part of the human experience since the dawn of time. It could be argued, in fact, that migration is the story of human experience: From our outset we followed the turn of the seasons and the movements of life, in tune with the rhy...

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“Thou seest I judge not thee”: All Good Things..., Tribunal
It was a large room, filled with people. At the centre, a large horizontal bench over which presided the members of the judiciary: A human man, who looked to be in his early forties, and a Vulcan woman who looked youthful but could have been older than the ...

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Vaka Rangi: Three Year Anniversary
So I'm not going to put too fine a point on it, but this past year has not been an amazing one for me either. But I'm also not going to make a big deal about it-We all have our own suite of hardships to deal with in our lives, and all we can do is continue ...

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“Thrice burnt, thrice brought forth”: The Collaborator
Vedek Bareil experiences an orb vision in this episode's teaser-The first we've seen since “The Circle” at the opposite end of the year. The one in “The Circle” was surprisingly trite, however, only showing us foreshadowing (and basically shot-for-shot fore...

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“Ghost Train”: Emergence
In some ways, it's almost too simple. The parallels and analogies are so easy to draw I almost feel embarrassed pointing them out. It's too obvious. The symbolism is handled with incredible deftness and finesse within the story, of course, I'd just feel lik...

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“Looking-Glass House”: Crossover
This does, on the surface of things, seem to be an example of the show's worst impulses gone unchecked. Following “Blood Oath”, it now seems Star Trek: Deep Space Nine has no qualms about straight-up doing sequels to Original Series stories. As beloved and ...

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“You Klingon bastard! You've killed my son!”: Bloodlines
In the last book when I wrote about “The Survivors”, I mentioned that as far as I was personally concerned, the most notable thing about it was that it was a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode I somehow never managed to see in 25+ years and thus knew ne...

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“All in the game, yo. All in the game”: The Wire
Some mysteries should remain unsolved. We all love a good mystery. I believe a wise man once said something to the extent of “And to many humans, a mystery must be solved”. There's that nagging sense that there is some big truth out there that's being conce...

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“The Final Voyage”: Journey's End, The Maquis, Preemptive Strike
It's over. This is the moment Star Trek: The Next Generation officially ends. And it ends in the most ignominious manner imaginable: Assassinated on stage in front of its audience to make room for its presumptive younger sibling and overeager heir apparent....

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“To the Future”: Firstborn
I didn't want to use this picture. Thought it was too obvious. But there are very few high quality images from this part of the series. A brief rant: Why isn't this episode called “Bloodlines” and the next one called “Firstborn”? “Bloodlines” to me connotes...
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