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The Book of Mormon -- A True Book!
Here is a short video of my family bearing our witness of the truthfulness of this book. I love it with all of my heart, and could never deny the light and truth that comes from reading it. If you read and pray to know that if it is true or not, the spirit ...

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Take a STAND
STAND - 2013 Youth Theme It more important than ever before for us to stand for our values and for our religion. The world has become so overbearing, that it is harder than ever before to stay on the straight and narrow. Therefore, it is more important toda...

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The Brother of Jared I'm excited to write about one of my favorite Book of Mormon prophets, the brother of Jared. He lived at the time of the confounding of languages that we read about in Genesis. The story while true is very symbolic of our own life as we...
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