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What is the opposite of DOWN PAYMENT? (The rest of the money that I have to pay for goods or services)

I'm going to make a Halloween party in my office. This is my first and I don't really know about this culture. I've made a theme that is "Halloween Ball". I was thinking of people wearing costumes from the castle age. My question is, since the theme is "Ball" Should I make formal dance as part of the party? Thank you....

What's the common question to ask weather forecast?
Is it common to ask "What will the weather be in London tomorrow?" ?
Thanks :)

Help me please :)
The question "How do you like the weather?" is confusing for me.
Can anyone rephrase this question into a simpler question so that I can understand exactly what it means? I'm wondering if it means like one of these:
1. What do you think of the weather?
2. Do you like the weather? why?
3. What kind of weather do you like here?
or perhaps it has other meaning.

Please help. I need to make a brochure of a commercial warehouses (they are in one location/ block/ complex). What do you normally call this kind of estates? Let say if I name it Sentosa. Should it be: Sentosa Warehousing/ Sentosa  Warehousing Estates/ Sentosa Warehouse Complex? What do you normally call it. Thank you.

Help me please. What does it mean: "The restaurant service is out of the world"
Does it mean that the restaurant is out of service (closed)? Or the service is outstanding (excellent)? Or maybe something else. Thank you. :-)

If we give direction to people not to turn right or left at a crossroads what are the common expression. Are these common?
1. Go straight on
2. Go through the crossroads
3. Go past the crossroads

Which one is correct?
Who (handle or handles) complaints in this company?
1. I don't know whether the answer will be 1 or more than one people.
2. I assume the answer will be more than one people.
Thank you.
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