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I am starting a new blog called Voices for Seniors. I start with the first article I every wrote. It is published in my new book now available on Amazon. "Voices from my Heart" promotes giving seniors a voice by listening, looking in their eye and holding their hand, then acting.

How does it feel to be old? It depends how much joy you find in life? Keep finding the Joy....and you are never old.

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Heartiness Approach Begins Anew
Life is about continuing on, never quitting and starting anew. Discouragement be hanged. Seven years ago last month we began the "get healthy" journey. It worked extremely well for three years. Then we found ourselves living where others fed us what they at...

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Life, Death, Growth
The generation that raised me, cared for me and taught me
is gone. I have watched my great grandmother leave, then my four sets of
grandparents and now both of my parents. That means I am the next generation.
My mature friends tell me, “Don’t get old becaus...

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Holistic Nutrition Study of Whole Food and Refined Foods
I am doing a study with eight participates in five different states for my Master's Program in Holistic Nutrition.  Whole foods are full of wonderful vitamins, minerals and nutrients that our bodies require and love. Refined foods have so many of the nutrie...
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