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Gamer guy and cat fanatic

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I'm new to streaming, tonight I'll be streaming Pillars of Eternity and Diablo 3. you can also get information on when I'll be streaming on Twitter @naevtech

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Nap time for me and my buddy

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I'll be streaming on twitch soon. Come make fun of me!

So. Patch 2.1.1 the petdoctor bandaid patch. After extensive testing pets do survive almost indefinitely in t6 as long as you have 8 mil toughness. GR35 was doable with 10 mil toughness. Jailer didn't wipe out all my FS and the up time on my dogs was improved. 36 and 37 are still tough to beat because even with the extra hp and toughness the pets die faster than SMK can reduce cooldowns. The patch is a step in the right direction but still needs work.

My wizard is ranked 7th in america and 27th in the world for elemental dps. Diablo progess. Booya

Huzzah! My wizard is ranked #68 in america for elemental dps.

Hit paragon 600 today. Wooooo!
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