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Dog Languages
The wise old man showed
up for the Fourth on a 21-speed Mongoose Deception mountain bicycle with slick
tires. He said he borrowed it from a friend in Standard Umpstead and rode it
through the backroads to my house, quite a feat for a man of his age who has
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Everything for the Song
Years ago, Jean Nichols
published a short poem in an issue of Saturday Evening Post that was so true
that it stuck with me: “Why couldn’t I have known it all along? Nothing for the
singer, everything for the song.” That little epigram is another way of sayi...
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How Power Moves
Power in a “divine right”
monarchy supposedly comes down from God to the king or queen, then down to the
royal family, then down through the “peerage” to the courtiers, then down to
the commoners. If there is anything amiss with royalty on any level, king,
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Variations on Tradition
The decorum of historic
practice was on full display when the Archbishop bound Harry and Meghan’s arms together
with his stole and proclaimed, “What God hath joined together let not man put
asunder.” That special moment was richly nostalgic for my wife and ...
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Send me a Letter
Many if not most popular
songs of my teen years were quite meaningless. Bebop a lou la. You ain’t nothin’
but a hound dog. Tutti fruiti, all rooti. Saw Aunt Sally comin’ and ducked back
in the alley. One for the money, two for the show, three to make ready,...
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Fun at Work
“That boy can’t hit a
nail,” Pop often proclaimed to the rest of the family about me. As a master
carpenter, the only way he judged other people was by their skill, or lack of
it, in using the tools of his trade. So, I decided early in life that I would
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Building Vocabulary
The suave English
professor led with his chin, his eyes vaguely fixed somewhere skyward. Wherever
his chin pointed, his feet followed somewhat purposefully. Such a demeanor
disallowed greetings or conversations as he made his way across campus to lunch
or t...
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An Inaccurate List
AN INACCURATE LIST   When Capt. John Smith
wrote home about his experiences in the New World, he mentioned that the
natives ate “a small dog called a raccoon.” Apparently, the little masked animal
was unfamiliar to the Englishman and he mistook it for a dog...
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Bumble Jackets
Scrambled eggs, crispy
bacon and cinnamon rolls heated in bacon grease—that was our scoutmaster’s specialty
and we loved it. Breakfast was my favorite meal of the day anyway and still is.
After we cleaned up the utensils, we had a couple of hours to straigh...
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Losing Air
The back tire of my
bicycle was slowly losing air, so, today I tackled the job of installing a new
tube and tire on the wheel. I am a big guy with a big ride, a 29-inch mountain
bicycle. I could have just patched the tube and planned to do so until I
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