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Valentine Movie
I am so glad I took my
wife to the movies for Valentine’s Day. We had a great drive to Texarkana, a wonderful
movie I want to tell you about and a great dinner. Red meat is a must for me on
such occasions and I got a big old steak and brought part of it hom...

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How Did the Magi Know?
Where did the Magi come
from and how did they know to search for the Christ? To speculatively answer
that question, let me take you back some 2,500 years to a time when young
Daniel and three friends were torn away from their homes after the siege of

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I feel frustrated when I
try to text people, especially those I love. There is so much nuance, so much
extra, so much digression that I want to do. But my thumbs are awkward
instruments of communication. There is not room to tell all the stories inside
the ...

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Know Way
Lucille (we called her Ceecee) did not love her flock of chickens but she hated
possums, coons and chicken hawks. She lived to get a bead on one of these
predators with her old 22 and send them to possum purgatory, coon crematory or
chicken hawk hell. ...

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He Knows Me
The Mississippi writer William
Faulkner was a symbolist of the first order. What he was writing about was not
always what he was writing about. For example, in the famous story, “The Bear,”
he winks magically about things both being and not being what they ...

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Fun at the Park
Historic Washington State
Park offers two trial reenactments at various times throughout the year. One
concerns the 1844 trial of Henry Skaggs for the murder of William Oaks and the
other depicts the 1880 trial of Sidney McFadden for poisoning his wife. On ...

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I was needed to drive Mother to work, I got a license early—at age 12. My
just-older brother “taught” me to drive on the back roads of Union County. His
predominant teaching method can be captured in his oft-repeated phrase, “Faster,
Danny, faster!”...

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My wife and I are used to
going on long walks every day. During the holidays, however, with family and
friends at our house we neglected our habit. What is more, we increased our
caloric intake which is what people do on holidays, right? You know: ham,

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The “scop” or “bard” in
Germanic culture (including Anglo-Saxon) went about entertaining and
enlightening with voice and lute. The stories they sang were often based on
truth, but embellished to flatter the head of the clan or some high-ranking
hero. They w...

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People think I love
books. I do appreciate what is in some of them but with a few exceptions the physical
book means little or nothing to me. You would call me a liar if you saw my
book-laden dwelling place. I don’t love the things, though, I just don’t wan...
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