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Mohan Ashtakala
Mohan Ashtakala - Author of "The Yoga Zapper - A Novel."
Mohan Ashtakala - Author of "The Yoga Zapper - A Novel."

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The Second International Day of Yoga
                      On June twenty-first, yoga lovers
will gather at the iconic Times Square in New York city, in sixteen Bulgarian
cities, at the Al-Azhar park in Cairo, in Shanghai, China, and in many other
places, both large and small, around the world...

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Author Events
paraphrase Forrest Gump, you never know what you’re going to get. This is the
lesson I have learned in doing author events, such as book signings or
readings. And each event is valuable in its own way, regardless of the number
of books distributed. Book ...

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Vampires in India
Rice would love this: Vampires have a long history in India. In fact, some
historians believe that the vampire myth started in India and entered Europe
through the spice trade routes. Many
cultures around the world have stories of blood-sucki...

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Four Female Saints of India
    The feminine aspect of
the divine is very strong in Hinduism—whether in the many Deities worshipped,
in the theology, or in the number of female saints throughout its history.  Representations of the  Sage Agasthya and Lopamudra Devi Classical Hinduism...

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The Musical Extinctions
The word “ extinction ” evokes
images of dinosaurs and dodos,
animals once plenty, but now existing only in the historical record. Civilizations go
extinct as well. Ancient Egyptian, Roman, Aztec and other societies have died
off, either by violent conquest...

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Kirtan – From yoga studios to the World
In Western countries it used to be the
exclusive preserve of yoga studios. Now, kirtan, the soulful chanting that
accompanied yoga classes, is expanding in ways never expected. In fact, the
nomination list of the 58th Grammy awards includes Madi Dasa’s 'Bha...

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Getting published - Nine Questions
1) You novel “The Yoga Zapper,” was recently
published. How did you feel when this occurred? Strangely enough, I would say it felt anti-climactic.
Publishing is such a long drawn-out process—writing the first draft, doing the
editing, preparing query letter...

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Yoga’s revival in India tied in to its growth in the West
-             By Mohan Ashtakala – from Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the International Day of Yoga celebrations in New Delhi, India    When the United Nations, under the guidance
of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, declared June 21...

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Yoga's Intimate Connection with the Natural World
Yoga’s intimate connection with the natural world “ The forest is a peculiar
organism of unlimited kindness and benevolence that makes no demands for its
sustenance and extends generously the products of its life activity; it affords
protection to all being...

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Where is Shangri La and what is its connection to yoga
Where is Shangri La
and what is its connection to yoga? In 1933 James Hilton,
in his novel Lost Horizon , wrote about the legend of Shangri-La (a variant of the original Shambala.) He
placed Shambala in the south-eastern part of China in the Himalayas.  The...
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