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Life is horrible
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Awe so fucking sweet. A relationship is based on how well you obey me. Ok gimps. 

“A relationship is not based on the length of time you spent together; it’s based on the foundation you built together.”
 - By Unknown, don't forget to share.

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This is an atrocity. This is not sexy. This is ignoramus. This denigrates our species. I will not have this. Chains will be brought out if this continues. 

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"We had one night and we had one bed. We made the most of it." - Love It!

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So my new blog is up. Has been a for a little while. Unfortunately I can't share posts and my Gimp tells me I need t change a setting. I don't know how to do this. Can one of you dirty devils show me how to fix my settings!?

Hello G+plussers. Got some nice pics coming soon of Shelby in the Cell. Come back soon.
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