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Here's something I wrote about my grandfather and the continuing shitshow around LambdaConf.

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I'm donating to CODE2040 right now. I encourage you to do the same.
Hey friends. Long time, no chat. I came here to ask you all a favor, and it's to take a few minutes to donate to CODE2040. I just made a donation of $100. Here's the link if you don't feel like reading the rest of this post:

The specific reason I'm asking is to counter this request from ESR to donate to an Indiegogo campaign run by a racist ("neoreactionary") blog:

Now, I'll spare you a big rehashing of the events leading up to this - and ESR's subsequent "victory lap" blog post. The TL;DR is that one of the speakers at LambdaConf this year is an infamous pro-slavery, pro-racism "activist." As a result, many folks in the tech industry who care about fostering a safe, inclusive community in which all have an equal chance to succeed, have decided to drop out of participation at the conference. ESR, racist that he is, decided to "support" LambdaConf, and encouraged his followers here on G+ to donate to an Indiegogo campaign run by a racist blog called Status 451 (go look them up if you think "racist" is an exaggeration). In his "victory over the SJWs!" blog post, he took partial credit for this "victory" because he asked his 20k G+ followers to donate.

In return, I'm asking you, my just-short-of-99k followers, to consider donating to an organization whose mission is to create pathways to success for Black and Latino/a engineers. I think we can out-donate his followers, because love and inclusivity is stronger than hate. (And because I have more followers than he does.)

So, don't let hate win. Donate to CODE2040, help underrepresented minorities succeed in tech, and make racists mad. And please re-share. <3

(If you do donate, feel free to comment here with the donation amount. Unlike with the Indiegogo campaign, there's no way to tell how many people donate to CODE2040 as a result of this message.)

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Another question for my Google friends: one of my co-workers today asserted that there are multiple teams at Google working on similar products that compete, internally, with each other. I never saw that happen (though I saw it many times at Microsoft, eg. Capone & Outlook) Anyway, does that happen (in a way you can talk about publicly) at Google? It seems completely unlike the Google I remember.

Do any of my Google friends remember the name of that internal "marketplace" where you could speculate on whether various projects would ship or hit milestones and so on? It had a super clever name and it's bugging me that I can't remember.

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I posted this via Twitter, but also thought I'd post here. I wrote something about working at Etsy, and princesses, and my daughter.

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A talk I gave a while ago at Etsy.

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I'm in Berlin for an Etsy event but snuck out this afternoon to take some photos. This city is amazing -- so fun and full of life. But its memorials to its history are (rightly) harrowing.
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