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Cardiff's #1 Maths & English Tutors

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GCSE English Tutor Cardiff
If your child is in Year 10 and is facing a GCSE English controlled assessment, read on!

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Tutoring in Cardiff
If your child is in Years 2-9, learn what you need to know about the Wales National Tests!

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GCSE English | 'Of Mice and Men' | Inspire Tuition Cardiff

Lots of our Year 9-11 students are trying to get to grips with 'Of Mice and Men' , written by John Steinbeck.  Take them to see it performed, it could make all the difference.

This is perfectly timed too; 3rd to 7th of May and with tickets starting at just £9 it's good value too!

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Parent Reviews | Inspire Tuition Cardiff | 029 2075 5544

Looking for a tutor to trust with helping their child improve in school is a big step.

So if that's you, then take a look at what parents and students have to say about their experience with us.

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English Tutoring | Inspire Tuition Cardiff
Get help from our English tutors - all qualified teachers - for students age 5-18 with our proven English tuition programmes. Call 029 2075 5544 today.

Read more on our website at

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Maths Tutoring | Inspire Tuition Cardiff

If your child is struggling with maths, let our maths tutors - all qualified teachers - lend a helping hand. Call Kerry on 029 2075 5544 to start today.

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School Test Prep | Inspire Tuition Cardiff

Does Your Little Superhero need a Boost?

Even superheroes need a bit of support from time to time: Batman had Robin, Wolverine had the X-Men and Iron Man had Jarvis and all of the Avengers. If your little superhero needs someone to count on, consider us here at Inspire Tuition.
#one-one attention
#National Test preparation
#supportive, friendly and fun learning environment

Call Kerry on 07875 122 916

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GCSE English Revision Pack | Inspire Tuition Cardiff

If your child is facing an English GCSE this summer, we’ve put together some resources relevant to the Welsh WJEC exam board that would be a worthwhile purchase (currently £5-£6 each).  Take a look... oh and good luck!

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Tuition in Cardiff | Inspire Tuition | Do you dream about studying Medicine?

Many of our students come to Inspire Tuition because they are aiming high. Take a look at this short clip about studying at the Cardiff School of Medicine.
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