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Cody Appel
Geek, Nerd, and Geeky Nerd
Geek, Nerd, and Geeky Nerd

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So this graph came up in a quiz about reading graphs... I now have additional questions.

So #Bungie hired a "PC compatibility tester" a while back. It looks like #Destiny 2 will be on PC... Let's hope the compatibility tester isn't as incompetent as all the other testers!

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Say hello to Crimson Typhoon, the gaming pc I built in July. I've barley touched the Xbox since! #pcmasterrace  

Processor: Intel i3-4160
Graphics Card: XFX R9 280
Motherboard: Asrock H97 Anniversary
8 GB of RAM (System Memory)
1 Terabyte hard drive and 240 GB solid state drive
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