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Do you deserve the job?
I am not going to be harsh but I will say the truth. It is easy very easy to say "there is no job outside" on the other hand how many people deserve the job they are asking for? I mean it o. Can we handle the responsibilities that come with that job you wan...

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I practiced what I preached but things did not turn out as I expected
I am not even sure of why I am sharing this story but oh well. I have started so there is no going back. You know how I always talk about going after what you want, speaking up and making things happen for yourself? Well I did that. Sadly, I did not get the...

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Everybody is getting ahead and you seem stuck, here's what you need to do
Yeah I know how it feels. You graduated years ago, your mates have served, some of them are married or maybe you haven't even gotten admission to school yet and your secondary school mates are going to convoke this year; you feel left behind. Some of us on ...

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This is how I am keeping tabs on my money
I don't like being broke. I bet you don't either, so how come this always tends to happen. By the middle of the month its like we never owned any money.  The economic issues in the country makes matters worse  even if you want to pretend that you don’t know...

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For How Long?
'Corper please give me five minutes. I want to call my friend. I'm not sure I am carrying over this course.' Ehn! I was stunned, No confused, Sorry Alarmed! How could he say he was not sure whether or not he had a carryover in the course. That means no matt...

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Hello there!  How is your day going?  Splendid I hope! I want to share
something very brief, but please do take every word seriously.  How do you feel when you get back from a really long journey and sonnebody has cooked your best meal, and has even gone ah...

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When work is blehh these tips would help you renergize yourself.
Is it just me? There are several occasions I
wake up gingered and ready to slay at work and before 12 pm I'm totally
disinterested and unmotivated with work. Everything just seems somehow and the
last thing I want to do is look at my computer screen. Chai, ...

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How to take advantage of LIVE YOUR DREAMS AFRICA 5.0
So I am back and again it is about LYDA 5.0. If you missed the previous post you need to check it out so you can understand why I am all about this event. I have noticed that so many people go for events. When you hear that there's another event happening e...

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Live Your Dreams Africa is the ultimate event for every young professional, here's why
"A dream is the act of seeing the invisible. When you share your dream
with people, it will look like fairytale. For you to speak it, you must have
believed in it. If you believe it, you will keep speaking it even when it does
not make sense to anyone aroun...

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Having a hard time finishing what you start? Read this!
Happy Easter celebrations! I hope you had a great time with friends and family? Hopefully you were able to squeeze some 'me time' for yourself. So back to today's post. If you have had a problem I mean a huuuuuuuge problem with finishing something you start...
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