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Gadget Geek, Android Fan, Weather Nut....
Gadget Geek, Android Fan, Weather Nut....

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It's time to have a quick look at how the RCS Universal Profile rollout is going. Obviously we all know about Google Jibe hosted solution - but how are the other companies who offer the same service doing with rolling out Universal Profile?

Joyn Blackbird is the most widely available and Joyn Crane was the latest release and requires the least amount of work to support Universal Profile but Blackbird is likely what a lot of existing solutions are still using.

Here is the rundown:

- Google Jibe - Universal Profile
- WIT Software - Blackbird
- New Net (now acquired by Samsung) - appears to be Blackbird
- Openmind - Universal Profile
- Interop - Unclear, probably Blackbird
- Infinite Convergence - Crane
- Exomi - Unclear if they even exist.
- ZTE - Unclear, was Blackbird.

So there we go - we know that at least 2 of the Hosted Platforms are offering Universal Profile. When WIT Software update to Universal Profile - it will be worth noting, they provide the software to Mobile Operators - so Mobile Operators will be able to upgrade their network for RCS without relying on external hosting.

I don't know how you have managed to make such a massive mess Google but it's going to cause problems for a lot of people. It's not just being signed out of Android and Chrome - all services need reauthing, Join for example just won't re-register at all. Google Photos signed back in but turned sync off. All push notifications appear to need re-registering (not getting any push messages until I open the app for the first time after restarting the phone). EnPass won't talk to Google Drive.

For people who don't know to expect all these problems, they are just going to notice things like Google Now suddenly stops proactively alerting about stuff. Drive stops syncing. Photos stop backing up.

This is a complete mess and I really hope you manage to resolve all these problems remotely - expecting the user to know all these things will be wrong when stuff is working properly is just a step too far.

#Google #GoogleAuthentication

+James Cowan +Frederick Wright Hi guys - would you like an invite to the Early Access Google+ BETA test community?

Today I feel like +Hennie Kriel ended up reading something on boredpanda and then got trapped in the "Ooo that sounds interesting or funny, I'll just click on it" cycle when he tried to leave. I worry that in 2 days time he'll still be trying to leave the site...... 😂

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2017 is going to be another 2016. She died after battling a brain tumour.
Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, former IT girl and socialite, dies aged 45

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The petition is going well - unfortunately UK Gov don't make it easy to see data on how many signatures are from outside the UK - so I had to knock up a page to find out. The reason I wanted to - was because the signature count has been going up by about 10-15 every 10 seconds which made me doubt they were really from the UK. So here you are - these are the top countries that have signed the petition calling on the UK Government to ban Donald Trump from having a State Visit

(this doesn't mean banning him coming to the UK, it means not getting the Red Carpet, royal treatment).

and don't forget to sign it if you haven't yet -

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You can make Furbies do or say anything!! This is awesome.... imagine making a whole shop sing "Never Gonna Give You Up" or talk about building a wall..... or worse...... imagine making someones Furby wake up at 2am and start talking about how everyone must die......

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So now we have proof that at the very least one member of the Labour party is trying to invoke anti-English sentiment (or at least make it appear there is some) when Lewis Macdonald (presumably forgetting what account he was logged in to) claimed to be an English person living in Scotland and experiencing hatred because of his accent!

Unfortunately for Lewis - a website exists which archives all the tweets that politicians delete......

Well! That was something!

+Miss Ellys (and America)

Sherlock was a rollercoaster ride....
You can't miss even a second of it - it's normally OK to glance away for a second every now and again - but trust me - you don't even want to blink when this one is on!!

Hope you love it!

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See - we are safe from AI taking over the world for a while yet.....

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