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Forensics anyone?
Forensics anyone?

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It's "loss leader" not lost etc :p
Also open-play, is not unbound, it's points-less

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Chermside (New) Library is up, running and bustling

Queensland Rail took a perfectly useable train service from Nundah Station to the City and stuffed it.
Now we have longer waits, during peak times, trains don't stop at the station even when scheduled.
They took a place where public transport was being used widely and effectively and made it less useful. What was their plan for the future ? "less public transport"?
They are a monopoly, but if people find alternatives (carpooling, bike etc) their costs don't go down. Just revenue.

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Starwars Armada
Painting it is an entirely different thing
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WIP. Photos taken to make notes on the progress and painting techniques, to catalogue the processes. colours, shades and methods, primarily for my own benefit, if I repeat this process with a different warhammer 40k army list later.
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Raptors and chaos spawn. To be painted...
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The Daily Parser
"We are a free and fair nation. But that doesn't mean we should let bad people play us for mugs, and all too often they have. Well, that's going to stop," Mr Abbott said...

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That is a very punny series of answers. No really
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