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Phoenix Hot Air Balloon Rides- Aerogelic Ballooning


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Aerogelic Ballooning hot air balloon rides Arizona primarily operates hot air balloon flights and balloon rides in the Phoenix metro areas like Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Chandler, Mesa and Peoria/Glendale Arizona.
We the reason in which Aerogelic Ballooning has the best hot air balloon safety record in Arizona (Since 1976, perfect) is due the nature of our training. As an example our Chief pilot Shane Cory learned to fly hot air balloons in the white mountains of Arizona. Which demands sharpening of hot air balloon piloting skills to maneuver the balloon using only the mountain winds into safe and practical balloon landing areas. Mountain winds can often be quite vigorous or (sporty as balloonists call it), and are often altering in direction due to valley's and temperature differences. So knowing micro meteorology and using it for navigation is key. Hence the reason our balloon pilots at have superior hot air balloon piloting skills.
The grandfather of Arizona hot air ballooning (as some would call him) Phil Cory (founder of Aerogelic Ballooning, LLC) also loves hot air ballooning in the white mountains of Showlow Arizona.
So if your ever in Arizona… Whether it be in Showlow/Pinetop, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Gilbert, Glendale, Tempe or nearby come experience and enjoy the decades of hot air ballooning tradition the Aerogelic Ballooning family has been so passionate about since 1976. Visit our home page for hot air balloon rides Arizona at or just call us at 480-247-7813.

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Our newest hot air balloon ride to the Phoenix Arizona fleet! We have named her "Ruach". How do you like it?
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