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This is an absolutely wonderful idea for a Kickstarter, coming this summer.  Quoting from Jonathan Tweet's post:

"My next creative project, coming this summer, is Grandmother Fish, a book for young children about evolution. It’s a picture book that follows the descent of humans and other vertebrates from early fish to today. It’s based on hard scientific knowledge, but it’s a child-friendly story with fun motions and sounds."

"The original idea for this book came to me 15 years ago when my daughter was young, and I worked to explain where we came from.... I wanted my daughter to know how we evolved because knowing where we came from tells us something fundamental about who we are. Parents have been doing the same thing for ages.... Today, any parent who believes in the Garden of Eden can find multiple books for young children that tell the story, complete with child-friendly illustrations. Parents who want to teach their children about evolution deserve books of their own."

Please share and spread the word -- a book like this is seriously overdue, and +JonathanTweet is as solid a writer as you could ask for.

"So it was GANON who was trying to take over Hyrule all along!" -- Link, every two years

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This is a very cool concept. Provide your RPG product to Jez Gordon at Giblet Blizzard and his 20 years of graphic design experience. He'll do a spruce up on your product design. After you see it you paypal him over what you feel that work is worth.

RPGs have a widely varying level of graphic design quality, and I know I do judge a book by its page layout. His work looks good (check it out here for an example: ) and you get to judge it before you pay.

And yes, that link is indeed to something called Secret Santacore - if you're an RPG player you should definitely check it out.

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I'm surprised how much I forgot about early AD&D.

All roleplayers should be required to revisit and re-read the books every two years as a reminder of where we came from.

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Good explanation of what happens in exposure to vacuum -- sci-fi RPG types, take note! :)
#QandBA: What happens to a human if they're exposed to the vacuum of space?

I guess people have a morbid curiosity - literally - when it comes to space, because I get this question relatively often. Short answer: you die. Longer answer: you pass out, then you die. Longerer answer: you don't explode or freeze instantly, but it's still pretty sucky.

If you want the full scoop - including just why you don't turn into freeze into a corpsicle - watch the video in the blog post linked below. But not over lunch.

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Read +Monte Cook's latest Legends & Lore, "Uniting the Editions, Part 1"

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I'm going to be looking for an editor for a secret project that is part fiction, part RPG for this year. Interested?

E-mail me with rates and availability.

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Wow, these Gen Con dates sneak up on me every year. :)
For all #GenCon attendees:

Badge Pre-Reg opens – this Sunday
VIG Packages – available now
Housing Block – opens on January 31st

So Get ready its sooner than you think.

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I'm a big advocate of space exploration, especially putting a base on the Moon. And that is precisely why I know that Newt Gingrich's plan to do that is terrible, the worst way to go about doing it. Let me be clear: his idea would destroy NASA.

I give the blow-by-blow in an article on Discover Magazine's blog "The Crux":

... and I follow up with a more personal look in the link below.

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VIDEO: "How Return of the Jedi Should Have Ended" is made of awesome!
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