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Emmanuel Bernard
Software, open source and snowboard
Software, open source and snowboard


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Ceylon is coming en force at Devoxx Belgium 2012:

Feel like learning Ceylon but you don´t know how to get started? You want to start contributing to Ceylon?

Don´t worry, we´ve got you covered. +Gavin King +Emmanuel Bernard  and +Stéphane Épardaud will be at Devoxx Belgium 2012 for two important gigs.

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Faut admettre que les déclarations de Arnaud Montebourg et des opérateurs historiques étaient un cucul la praline au pays des Bisounours.

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I'll be in Boston Monday to present +Ceylon at JUDCon (JBoss World) with +Emmanuel Bernard . Hopefully I can rewrite my pres and demo for M3 in the plane tomorrow. I should have bought that extra battery...

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The Hibernate Search team is really proud to announce version 4.1. What's in there?

- conditional indexing
- faster, lighter, more targeted indexing
- better JGroups-based clustering
- support for Hibernate ORM 4.1 and JBoss AS 7.1
- and more things than you imagine

More info at

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That's pretty true :)

Bon mais sérieusement, c'est qui le plus fort? L'hippopotame ou l'éléphant?

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Les Cast Episode 53 frais dans les bacs: Free Mobile, Ceylon, Groovy, PIPA, SOPA, Acta, Oracle-Linux

So is there native apps for Google Plus yet? Frankly I don't use it much because of that. I tried the iPhone one but it's just not good enough and I need a desktop one too.
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