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Chernobyl Children International
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And we are grateful for this write-up from Elizabeth MacDonald at Fox Business News!
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Hey all you radiated rap fans check out these hot rhymes!
oh herro prease, Wang gonna set this track off right set flame to all these dicks with dykes and all the dykes with dicks wang gonna keep stacking cash on whiteman womans ass til he gets rich and shit wang spit harder than a bowlegged spick with limp dick he destroy beats harder than limb bizkit and makes sure all the white bitches be diggin it. Open your eyes chinaman and watch wang ripshit and fistfuck your famirys face with these lyrics, cum all in whiteman ears and small bitches clits not to mention down their throats, they better swallow it. Wang ditests all the self pity you wallowing in haters keep coming at wang trying to kamikaze him but wang bursts their bubble with the sharp end of a bobby pin cause wang really just don’t give a shit ever since coming out of chinaland to learning the whiteman speak and making smile from cheek to cheek wang be suction cupping white bitch ass to his dick like the top of toilet seat bars leave whitemans puny ears scarred now that’s what’s called the boiling heat wangs the Lebron of this Miami heat filled with Miami vice wang don’t need advice as he puts yellow rice in the wounds and salt in the eyes, wang left dent in whiteman womans thighs and laughed as stupid whiteman cried jacking wangs gigantic dick to his delight wang drenched his face from tip of dick with old millerlight wang welcomes all the white America to the millerwang high life

Introducing prease, Krack White: standing on the corner selling some krak Trying to make some bank so I can relax Afterthe deal I ditch the spot Cuz with the popo rollin round makes it hot Got mad drugs stashed in my hat Most niggas don’t know that I carry agat But don’t worry lil bitch I got yo fix All I want is the cash, Not moin my stash But you don’t know how it is to sell That lil white rock taking you to hell Cookin and sellin five years o more Cant really say whats its all been for Never been caught by the black and white Lucky cuz that’s 10 years off ya life Krack white makes deals with the devil Other dealers cant even touch my level My krack is top of the line While rich niggas be drinkin wine I be high as fuck off that krack Most other niggas think im whack You don’t know how it is to deal Cuz one day you realize shit got real
+Wang Long and +Krack White #WangAndKrackRapForTheChildren
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Little Timur received his life saving heart operation yesterday, in Kharkiv, Ukraine.
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Our volunteer children's heart surgery team is in Kharkiv, Ukraine right now -- saving young lives!
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Have them in circles
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We save the lives of children in Ukraine and Belarus.
We help children and families in Chernobyl affected areas of Belarus and Ukraine.