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Dear, I found a professional video player, it is totally free, you can try to use it. Search "Mobo Video Player Pro" in android Market to get it!

Dear, I found a professional video player, it is totally free, you can try to use it. Searc h "Mobo Video Player Pro" in android Market to get it!

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whoa :)

Moments ago, the EPA proposed historic national clean air standards limiting the carbon pollution from new coal and gas-fired power plants.

Take action today to support this historic rule and help end dirty energy as we know it.

Fossil fuel burning power plants are the single largest source of dangerous carbon pollution in the U.S. and one of the largest in the world.

Once finalized, these standards will establish the first nationwide limits on climate-destabilizing pollution from new power plants and help build the efficient, clean power sector of the future.

This will be a huge fight. Climate deniers and the Dirty Air Lobby started attacking these "New Source Performance Standards" weeks ago, before they were even proposed. We need your help to stand strong for our clean energy and a safer climate future!

We have set an ambitious goal of sending 100,000 supportive comments to EPA before the public comment period ends.

Be a part of history and help us reach our goal!

More Information

When future generations look back on how humanity solved the climate crisis, today's proposal to limit carbon pollution from power plants will deserve its own chapter.

These breakthrough clean air standards will set us on the path to a cleaner energy future by establishing -- for the first time ever -- national carbon pollution limits for new fossil fueled power plants.

Carbon pollution standards for power plants will protect public health, cut carbon pollution that causes global warming, and spur investments in energy efficiency, clean renewable energy and new technologies that will modernize our power generation.

While this action by EPA is based on long-standing requirements under the Clean Air Act to regulate carbon pollution from the power sector, we've had to fight for its very existence.

EDF joined a number of states and several other environmental groups in bringing a lawsuit and securing a settlement agreement to force EPA to move forward on these clean air standards.

But now, the real fight begins. Climate deniers and the Dirty Energy Lobby will do everything they can to stop all progress in limiting the carbon pollution from power plants. That's why we need you and everyone you know who cares about global warming to take action.

Help us generate enough comments in support of this new climate pollution standard rule to overwhelm our opponents. We can't do it without you!

Thank you for all of your activism & support,

Sam Parry
Director, Online Membership & Activism

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Please tell your friends about EDF.

Environmental Defense Fund
1875 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite 600
Washington, DC 20009
1-800-684-3322 | Donate | Change your contact info | Change your subscription options

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me & my daughter ;)

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