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A Trifle Small
1/24th, 1/48th 1/144th Small scale miniatures
1/24th, 1/48th 1/144th Small scale miniatures

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Sorry it’s been awhile since I posted here. Time has been getting the better of me. I have some new moulds from Stewart Dolls House miniatures. 1/48th scale ice cream cone tops, cones, heart shaped macaroons and a chocolate mould that also works for…

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    Today I added some new furniture kits for 1/48th scale. They are mostly made from pre painted card and can be left in the colour they come in or repainted to suit your style. I will be painting some of the kits and will share the result in my blog,…

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New 1/48th scale Grans and Granpas, ladies and men have been added to the shop.

Just finishing off some children then I'll make a start on the period and fairytale costumes, including witches and wizards.

Please use link to see all the 1/48th scale dolls in my shop.
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1/48th scale painted bottles

I’ve been having a play with some of the 1/48th scale bottle and glass kits I added to the shop a few weeks ago. I got the old glass plaints out and was delighted to find that not only were they still very usable but I have all the right colours. The…

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New 1/48th scale Jane Harrop kits

Another lot of kits from Jane Harrop. These are all 1/48th scale. A new decorative wall shelf, a carpet sweeper, a potting bench and, not forgetting my favourites, a couple of tiny dolls house kits. The house kits make up a 1/12th scale dolls house in…

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New 1/24th scale from Jane Harrop

I recently added some new kits from Jane Harrop. They are mostly 1930s style furniture and perfect if like me you are making a wartime house. Click on the pictures to take you to the items in the shop.

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  More new items from the USA added to the shop. In 1/24th scale I have some moulds to make cup cakes and gingerbread men. Gingerbread man mould comes complete with some puffy clay to get you going straight away. In 1/48th scale I have moulds for…

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New 1/48th scale bottles and glasses

  I have just added some fantastic new items to the shop. All the way from the USA. There is a set of white wine bottles, a set of red wine bottles and a set of mixed bottles and decanters. And for your drinks there are a set of white wine glasses, a set…

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I have been working on some food items for the shop. I have now finished and added 1/24th scale turkey, roast ham, cooked breakfast and cheeses and 1/48th scale cooked breakfast and cheeses.

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A few new items added to the shop yesterday.

For the spring clean, or should that be the autumn clean, I have made a 1/24th scale sweeping brush and a 1/24th scale feather duster. Both these items I made for a swap a couple of years ago and they were so well received I decided to make them for the shop. Finally I have found the time to complete them. Now the next challenge is to scale them down further.

One item I have scaled down is the toilet roll. The 1/24th scale toilet rolls are now back in stock and I also made some 1/48th scale toilet rolls. 

The next two items are perfect for this season, a 1/48th scale cauldron, made from painted black metal and 1/48th scale Wizard Book and Scrolls.

Other new items added include more oval pie dishes and a floral cake plate. You can see all the new items if you click here:
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