Razuna 1.4.7 is here - Labels and other improvements

Today marks the day that we are proudly bringing Razuna 1.4.7 to the world, another upgrade to the already most used open source Digital Asset Management System. We are extremely exited about this release, as we made major improvements in this version and brings one new feature to Razuna. The one new feature in Razuna 1.4.7 is called "Labels".


The concept of Labels in Razuna is very similar to, say to the way how Labels work in Gmail. Labels are dynamic and can be assigned to any asset. In other words, Labels do all the work folders do and give you an extra bonus: you can add more than one Label to a asset. Once you've created a label, you can view all the items with that label by clicking the label name.

Labels can be applied to assets, folders, collections and comments with a easy to use textfield. You simply enter the label you want to apply and the Label system offers you a choice from pre-defined labels or you can add a new one by entering it within the textfield alone.

Administrators will love the option to turn on or off, the option to allow users to add labels by entering them in the label field or to only select from existing ones. Administrators can also add or edit labels in a dedicated Administration interface.

Important to know

With Razuna 1.4.7 we have improved the open source digital asset management system even further. We have updated the application engine to the latest version (<a href="http://openbd.org" target="_blank">OpenBD 2.0</a>), made design improvements for long file names and input fields, added compatibility to those who run Razuna on a secure server (SSL), updated all Javascript libraries and updated the Upload tool so it works again with the latest browsers (especially with HTML5 capable browsers), updated the FTP handling, changed how users log into Razuna (so it works better and faster on large libraries), made improvement to scale better with cloud platforms and many more changes.

Additionally, we fixes issues that came up after the 1.4.6 release. Some fixed were made to widgets, FTP connections, version upload works now for Windows better, a security fix for searches, made some fixes to the API (thank you all for reporting) and fixed and issue with custom fields.

All in all, we are satisfying over 50 issues with Razuna 1.4.7. We are happy that Razuna 1.4.7 meets our customers expectations. The <a href="http://wiki.razuna.com/display/ecp/Razuna+1.4.7" target="_blank">full release notes for Razuna 1.4.7</a> are also available.

At this point, we like to thank the Razuna community and all of our customers who are providing valuable feedback and keep driving Razuna forward. Thank you all for making Razuna better with every release!

How to get Razuna

Razuna is available over at <a href="http://razuna.org" target="_blank">http://razuna.org</a>. You have the option to use our <a href="http://razuna.org" target="_blank">preconfigured Razuna Virtual Server</a>, download the dedicated <a href="http://razuna.org" target="_blank">Razuna Standalone Server</a> or deploy to your own J2EE-Server with our <a href="http://razuna.org" target="_blank">Razuna WAR/EAR</a> distribution.

Razuna is also available as a Hosted Solution over at <a href="http://razuna.com" target="_blank">http://razuna.com</a>. For teams and organizations we also offer a <a href="http://razuna.com/cloudserver" target="_blank">dedicated Razuna Server</a> offering.

The <a href="http://razuna.com" target="_blank">Razuna Hosted Platform</a> has already been upgraded to the latest release. Our <a title="Razuna Cloud Server" href="http://razuna.com/cloudserver" target="_blank">Razuna Cloud Server</a> customers will be updated individually.
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