Razuna 1.5: Labels got a lot of love
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By no doubt, labels is one of the most used features of Razuna. Now, with the soon to be released Razuna 1.5, we've given labels some extra love. New label explorer, option to have sub-labels, new interface and last but not least the option to add labels by the API.

The new label explorer has the option to add labels and sub-labels within one unified interface. There is no need to go to the dedicated Administration anymore, just to add a label. Of course, the Administration is still there, but adjusted to work with sub-labels. Furthermore, you can edit and remove a label with one click only.

Within the asset view, there is also a new searchable drop down menu to label your assets quickly. Additionally, administrators can add labels intuitively from anywhere in the system. Thus making labels available system-wide.

Moreover, by strong demand from many customers, Razuna will now automatically add your labels to the keyword fields of an asset. To round off the new label features, we have also exposed all label functions within an API, so developers can use the label function within their own application.

This and many more exciting features are coming up in the all new Razuna 1.5. Stay tuned for more news soon.
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