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Hello Ma'am, kaisi hain aap?

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MaaDurga apko apni bhujao se:1.bal 2.buddhi 3 aishwarya 4.sukh 5.swasthya 6.daulat 7.abhij
eet 8.nirbhikta 9.sampannta pradan kareJAI MATA DI

MAUSAM, truly is a timeless tale of love between Sq. Leader Harinder Singh and Refugee girl Aayat. The story traces the budding of love between these two adolscents and ends on a mature note when after so many sacrifices both unite forever. From the incident of Babri Masjid in 1992 to the tragedy of World Trade Centre in New York in 2001, the story narrates the perfect love and bondingof Harry and Aayat, even when they are not connected. The film basically shows patience and trust in love….the story is IDEAL…and chances are very rare that lovers will wait for each other in the same way as Harry and Aayat did. The fighter plane sequences are fabulous and Shahid in his Air Force Uniform Is looking too Handsome….Sonam is also looking Pretty…the scenes are really well-shot, the villages as well as the Scottish Locales all are appealing….the first half of the movie is a bit slow in pace, but the second half is quite good. For me Shahid’s Mausam is Awesome…no matter what the movie critcs say.


“Girls face bias in heart surgery too”….this is one of the headlines of today’s newspaper…I don’t know where the country is marching…towards progress or towards doom….even when situations are life-threatening discrimination between boys and girls is strictly maintained. According to the study conducted by doctors of AIIMS, it is observed that boys have better chances for treatment in comparison to girls. The study estimates that for every 70 boys who undergo an operation for congenital heart defect, only 22 girls undergo the surgeries. Families of girls conceal the illness from their relatives and friends as compared to the families of boys….this is really shocking and something which shows utter shamelessness and cheap mentality of Indian population….already even after so many reforms, gender discrimination is done at one or the other level, but this report is really beyond expectation… least people should know that disease is not GENDER-SPECIFIC…it is something which when detected should be cured as soon as possible…..Please wake from the deep slumber of Gender-discrimination, so that India become healthy in physical as well as mental-health.
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