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Modified Chicken Chipotle Chilaquiles

Didn't cook the tortillas in any sauce, just wanted to kind of man-handle these... Almost more like a nacho I guess. Used fresh corn tortillas, so I didn't want them to get too soggy. Still was messy, and was flippin delicious. Next time might try more sauce, but this was fantastic.

Mushroom and onion in the chicken, seared and deglazed with chipotle stock, w/ salsa. Chihuahua crumbled cheese, fresh white toasted tortillas, chives and chopped cilantro for garnish. 

Fried egg, of course. 

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+The Saucy Pig Loves reeeebs
[Recipe] Web: Mobile:

I discovered this recipe a long time ago, and it's been an all time favorite for my friends and family. The preparation is simple, and the long cooking time softens the meat until it literally melts in your mouth. As a note, this is the only recipe I prepared so far where I had time to go play some beach volleyball while it was cooking.

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.99 for only 4 more hours!

+The Saucy Pig  Cookbook countdown promo continues!

Get great treats like this Bourbon Candied Bacon and many more bacon boozy recipes!

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New blog post!
Cinnamon Chipotle Beet Chips

Let me start out by stating this; I have had a lifelong dislike for beets. Utter disdain for those finger-staining, dirt-tasting, why-do-they-put-eggs-in-their-juice vegetables. As for other strange tasting foods or stomach churning ones, I always revert back to my rationale of "Why would I eat that when I could eat (insert steak, bacon, meat, steak) instead? That logic worked until...

Read the rest of my beet saga on the blog:

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Hi all new followers!!

Thanks for checking us out, and hopefully you will see some tasty treats coming your way!!

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+The Saucy Pig Cookbook promotion has started!

Link here:    Only --> $.99!!! 

Pictured below: Rum Glazed Shrimp Skewers

That is 84% off of the regular price of $5.99! That only lasts for 33 hours, and the price goes up a dollar, and does so every 33 hours until April 14th it returns to full price. 

What will you get for this tremendous deal? 
- Over 45 original recipes
- Every recipe comes with a high-res photo
- Directions are numbered for easy reading
- Every recipe features either bacon or booze, or both as an ingredient!
- Sides, appetizers, and main courses galore!
- Free to borrow via Amazon Prime!

I'm hoping with this promotion to reach a bunch of people and help them cook delicious food, and I could use your help! Please get a copy, gift one, or borrow it from Prime. 

Happy cooking!

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Evening Reshare

Pringle Trees?
Slurred words?

Yep, all here. 

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The Best Way To Cook Bacon


In the oven of course!

This is from one of the many tips, tricks, and recipes I wrote for my +The Saucy Pig Cookbook, published one year ago today. Now with a reduced price of only $5.99 for digital download here:

With my strange sense of humor, great food pictures (like below... egotistical much?) and a bunch of awesome original recipes, this book is sure to please the bacon and booze lover in you. 

Don't forget!! Amazon Prime members can borrow the book for free!! 

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Bourbon Candied Bacon

Hi everyone!

One year ago I released a cookbook called +The Saucy Pig Cookbook. I decided to drop the price on it 33% and offer it for $5.99!

This book has over 50 recipes, some takes on old classics, some original and unique ones. It is full of simple techniques and tricks to get you more efficient in the kitchen.

Every recipe also features bacon or spirits of some sort to make your food taste amazing!

If you know someone who likes to cook, this would be a nice digital stocking stuffer for them this year! 

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That's right! Know it!
Know your steak

Are you one of those people who insists medium is like medium well?
Do you swear you know what rare is?

If you are unsure how to order your steak then....

It's dangerous to go alone! Take this!
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