Hellmann Worldwide Logistics UK, the market leading logistics operator, has announced the launch of a new hub solution to service the Baltic and Russian CIS markets. The hub will be based in Basildon, providing a direct feed service to areas in Eastern Europe, eliminating the need to operate through other Hellmann hubs in Europe and improving transportation times.

The new hub will service the main industrial areas of St. Petersburg and Moscow, whilst also feeding directly into regions as distant as Siberia, representing a comprehensive and substantial expansion of logistics provision
Hellmann UK has launched the hub in recognition of the emerging economic industries in a number of Eastern European states – particularly the recent growth of agricultural markets in countries such as Belarus and the Ukraine
The company felt that the complexities of executing high quality logistics provision in these areas demanded specialist expertise – expertise that will be provided by the new Basildon hub.

Matthew Marriot, Commercial Director at Hellmann UK, commented:
The new hub represents our commitment to the future of our UK operation and the future of worldwide logistics. We recognise that the eastern regions we can now service have an ever increasing demand for logistics provision, reflecting the growth of regional economic markets and industries.
He continues: At the same time, Hellmann UK is fully aware that these markets require a tremendous amount of understanding and documentation in order to provide the quality provision that we always aspire to. Therefore, the hub in Basildon will offer an expert knowledge of the geographical mechanics of the Eastern European and CIS markets, allowing us to deliver the best possible service.
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