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Clean Up Kenya is an environmental project seeking to empower the dream of a litter-free Kenya.
Clean Up Kenya is an environmental project seeking to empower the dream of a litter-free Kenya.


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Watch this short video explaining FIVE reasons why you should never litter and share it with your friends.

You can also visit our to continue the conversation

Kindly also visit our fundraising page
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Thank you people of Limuru for turning up in big numbers to cleanup your town during the recently held 2016 Clean Up Kenya Limuru Day.
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Dear Friends, Colleagues and Family; 

I've started an online petition at CHANGE.ORG to draw attention to Kenya's litter crisis and need your help to get it off the ground.

Will you take 30 seconds to sign it right now? Here's the link:


Every year, national and local authorities spend billions of shillings cleaning Kenyan cities, towns, rivers and lakes. While the duty to do so is enshrined in the basic concept that businesses and individuals pay taxes that mandate the authorities to ensure a safe and cleaner environment, ultimately this responsibility also lie with individuals, communities and organizations who form part of our country’s ecosystem.

A hygienic and beautiful environment can play an important role in the building of a nation. This is especially if individuals and communities make a particular effort to play their role in maintaining high quality local environments. Citizens can develop a sense of community pride in their efforts to clean their neighbourhoods and this can eventually become a metaphor for what we all can do in all things to Clean up Kenya - whether it is by denouncing simple anti-social habits of littering or major challenges that bedevil our nation.

Whether you are a Kenyan citizen or not, an organisation operating in Kenya or not, or even a government agency or environmentalist, you can help our work to empower the dream of a litter-free Kenya with your signature.

By signing this petition, you pledge to the high ideals of a cleaner Kenya by committing to FOUR simple principles;
Not to litter,
To dispose off waste legally,
To promote and support public awareness for a cleaner Kenya, and
To participate in and support any cleanup activities organized in our communities
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