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The Teen Economists
A blog about world issues, economics, history, philosophy and all sorts of interesting ideas explored through teenagers' points of view.
A blog about world issues, economics, history, philosophy and all sorts of interesting ideas explored through teenagers' points of view.
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Was the Brexit referendum a good reflection of "the will of the people"? Possibly not.
by Viva Avasthi There's something both Leave and Remain supporters have missed. And discussing it matters both for the short and long run of this country.  T wo weeks on, there is still furious debate among and between Leave and Remain supporters. Yet there...

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Thoughts on the Royal Economic Society Annual Public Lecture 2014
By Viva Avasthi Last week I attended the RES Awards Evening and Annual Public Lecture at the Royal Institution in London. As you may be aware, my essay for the RES Young Economist of the Year competition was awarded joint third place. Below you can see some...

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An article by Viva Avasthi relating some of the ideas of the great economists of the past to what the future might hold for our economic system.

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The Legacy of The Worldly Philosophers
By Viva Avasthi In the wake of Scotland's historic referendum on whether it should become an independent country, and the many discussions of Scotland's important contributions to the United Kingdom, now is a great time to consider the history of economic t...

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Quantum Fluctuations and Cosmic Inflation
By Maharshi Chakravortee Let
me ask you a question. Has it ever struck your curious mind as to how all these
incredibly beautiful structures - these planets, stars, galaxies - came from a mere
singularity, or in simple words the ‘ Big
Bang’ ? Since the Big ...

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Cosmic Inflation is a proposition which, now confirmed, is an absolute insight on how the universe was created. It shows how the universe can evolve from a singularity to parallel universes.

An article which will be enjoyable even for non-scientists by our new author, Maharshi Chakravortee! 

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Scottish independence is an issue that will not only affect Scotland. It will also affect the rest of the UK and to some extent  the rest of Europe. This article by Magdalena Paczocha examines some of the key arguments for and against Scotland becoming an independent country.

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Quantum tunneling is a very important phenomenon which has several applications in the real world and in everyday life. This article looks a little into what it is. (Parts may require AS Level maths and GCSE Physics).

by Sparshita Dey

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This essay, by Viva Avasthi, was awarded joint third place by the Royal Economic Society for the Young Economist of the Year essay competition! See here:

"At present the key question haunting economists and leaders of the advanced economies is the one which this essay attempts to answer."

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Are the advanced economies in for a long period of economic stagnation?
by Viva Avasthi Last month, I submitted this essay as my entry for the Royal Economic Society's Young Economist of the Year essay competition . I was delighted that the judges (a panel of teachers initially, and then Sir Charles Bean, RES President; Stephan...
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