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Second Round Tiger Woods Players Championship

Tiger will need a few birdies on the back 9 just to make the cut.

So Tiger changes his shoes after security brings out some new white golf shoes. He withdrew from Doral earlier this year with an achilles issue. Dottie Pepper said he only changed one shoe which is very unusual.

Tiger gives his birdie right back with a bogey on 5. The tee shot ended up killing him on this hole. If he can hit a few fairways it would make this tournament much easier.

The lie and stance here for Tiger is unreal. He hacks it out and its not all that bad. Still left with a wedge into the green but there wasn't much he could have done with that shot.

Tiger hits driver on par 4 hole #5. He hits a bit of a slice and now he is left with a terrible stance for his second shot. He was about 5 yards from hitting a great tee shot. The iron shot should be very interesting with the lie he has.

Downhill putt for Tiger. He gently hits it and it rolls in for birdie. Tiger is now back to +1 so he could make a run at making the cut. Next tee shot is very important. On a side note, Ian Poulter is going for his second double bogey in four holes.

Tiger has 113 in. Some type of wedge here. He hits a very good shot just past the hole. Let's see if he can get a putt in for birdie. Short irons have looked good on the last few holes for Tiger.

Tiger selects 3 wood on the par 4 hole #4. He needs to hit it about 275 in the middle of the fairway. Anything not in the fairway is a huge mistake. Tiger hits a fade with a ground hook and he is in the middle of the fairway. A chance to attack here.

Tiger hits a decent putt but the wrong line. He gets an easy par but needs to make some birdies on the front 9. Rickie is also at +1 so he will miss the cut unless he turns things around.

On a side note, when Google searching "Tiger Woods caddie" it says Byron Bell up top. This obviously needs to be changed to Joe Lacava.

Tiger pulls 9 iron from 168 yard Par 3 Hole #3. He almost hits the stick but it rolls to about 12 feet from the pin. Looks like a downhill putt. As soon as he swung his caddie Joe Lacava yells "put the cameras away."

Tiger hits three terrible shots on the par 5 hole #2 but still escapes with a par. He is +2 for the tournament and will not make the cut unless he gets a few birdies.

Tiger hits another snap hook with a 5 wood. It will be interesting to see what he can do with his third shot on the par 5 hole #2. Looks like any hole that necessitates a hook is a problem for him once again.

So the second round is underway and Tiger starts with a par. He hit the first fairway but missed the second. He tried to hit a draw with the 3 wood and it was very low and hooking. Tiger cannot figure out how to hit a controlled draw right now. Let's see if he can save par on the 2nd hole.

On a side note; Rory McIlroy did not make the cut.
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Golf Channel Round 1 The Players Championship Live Blog

Tiger and Rickie will have their full round on Golf Channel tomorrow. The coverage window should be great!

Looks like Phil will make the turn at -1 and Rory is -2. They both crushed tee shots well over 300 on the par 5 hole #9 but Phil went into the water. It will be interesting to see how they play the back 9.

Not much Golf Channel coverage of the Phil and Rory grouping. Not sure why as these are two of the bigger pulls in golf right now. I will hope on here periodically if anything exciting happens in the next hour.

Adam Scott goes back to -3 after a bogey. Does anyone else thing he looks absolutely ridiculous with that broomstick? I really don't want him to win again unless he uses a normal putter.

Phil three putts to go back to -1. He has had many wedges in his hand through the first 6 holes but he hasn't taken advantage. He needs to get the putter going in the next few holes to post a very low score.

Alvaro Quiros can absolutely kill the ball. He has a very fast swing but I would not complain if I could hit a wedge 160. He could probably play most courses with a 5 wood or 3 iron out of the tee box and still be in good position. Maybe he will throw some birdies up. He hasn't played great on American soil.

Rory at two under through 5. He hits a great bunker shot onto the green on hole #6. Phil is still at two under. He hits a 9 iron about 160 and leaves himself with a 25 foot birdie putt. Maybe Rory and Phil can keep writing red numbers on the card.

Luke Donald's iron play is not as spot on as usual. It will be interesting to see if he can clean it up by the back 9. The Virginia Tech alum De Jonge birdies 17 after a not so great tee shot that almost went in the water. Westwood hits a great iron shot into hole #4 and he has a great chance at birdie.

Phil throws another dart from 83 yards. He has his second birdie of the day. He has started very well so he could make a run at 65 today. Maybe we will see some low numbers from both Rory and Phil in this first round.

A Martin Kaymer appearance. Its been awhile since we have seen this major champion. I love his golf game so maybe he can play well today. Lee Westwood hits a great second shot into hole #2 and he will have an eagle putt.

Phil throws a dart at the first hole and he will start his round with a birdie. Rory is just off the back of the green and Stricker has a birdie putt. This will be an interesting group to watch as Phil and Rory can bomb it and Stricks is spot on with his wedge play.

Tiger ends up hitting a par putt at hole #9. He ends up with a 74 (+2). If he is going to make the cut he needs to shoot in the 60s tomorrow. He has had 9 straight rounds in the 70s. We will get to see the entire round on the +Golf Channel tomorrow.

1:49 starting time - Rory hitting 3 wood. He rips it right down the middle of the fairway. Phil hitting driver here. He smacks it over 300 down the middle. Stricker hitting driver as well. He hits it up the right and he is about 10 yards behind Phil. They are off.

Tiger's Second at 9. He pulls it straight into the bunker. Terrible shot. I will be very interested to see what he has to say after this round. If he can finish at 3 over it will be a surprise.

Tiger going driver on the 9th hole. He hits it left, hits a tree and bounces back about 20 yards. Tiger cannot get rid of the hook off the tee. Rickie pulls driver and crushes it over 300 right down the middle of the fairway. He is hitting the driver great of late.

Tiger with a putt of 26 feet for birdie. He has the perfect line but does not get it there. Tiger will take his par. Fowler misses a par putt and he goes back to even for the tournament. Ian Poulter currently leads at -7.

Phil, Rory and Steve tee off at 1:49 pm. Should be a fun grouping to watch. Rory said he will not hit a driver on the front 9. I guess when you hit a 3 wood 340 yards you don't have to hit a driver very often.

Rickie Fowler at #8. 230 Yard Par 3. Hits a hybrid shot and right just short of the bunker. He is currently at -1 but in good shape. Tiger hitting a 3 iron here. He hits a good shot and has a 20 footer downhill for birdie. Good tee shot for Tiger.

Angel Cabrera has a NINE on the 17th. Three balls in the water. What a debacle.

Tiger hits a decent iron shot into the green on hole #7. He asked for the wind to help; has a 25 foot putt for birdie. Tiger hits a decent putt and will have an easy par on #7. With two holes left to play he is still +2.

Tiger Woods tee shot with a driver at hole #7. Tiger hits the fairway on the right side. Rickie is in all white with a little bit of color on his shoulders today. Nothing like the orange he wears on Sunday. Rickie hits driver on #7 and he outdrives Tiger by about 5 yards.

Terry Gannon (NCSU alum) and Nick Faldo on the call. Ian Poulter playing well as he has a short putt to go six under and tie for the lead. Should be some interesting early coverage.

So Kevin Na lost a ball IN a tree. The ball went into a tree and never came out. This guy has had some of the most unusual holes of golf in the history of the game. Well, besides some of my rounds at local courses. I think we have all seen balls go into trees and not come out!

Tiger finally has a par on hole 4. Looks like the +Golf Channel coverage will feature about three or four holes of the Tiger and Rickie grouping. We will get to see their entire round on Friday. Steve Stricker, Rory McIlroy and Phil Mickelson will be grouped together going out just after 1:30.

Tiger hits a short iron 132 yards into the right rough from 124 yards out. Honestly? A sand wedge? He cannot even hit a sand wedge on the green from a buck 20. He is 26 feet from the hole for this third shot on hole #4. Looks like another bogey here.

Tiger bogeys three to go back to +2. In his last five holes he has gone birdie-bogey-bogey-birdie-bogey. How about a par in there at one point Tiger? This man is a disaster right now. I would love to see him pull it together and end with a string of birdies as the Golf Channel broadcast comes on air.

The final rounds are going to be on NBC Sports so we will have Dan Hicks and Johnnie Miller. No Feherty on the course for this one guys and girls. I will watch tournaments just to hear his comments when he is following the final groups.

Tiger bogeys #1 then birdies #2 to remain one over through 11. Rickie pars the first two holes of his back 9 and remains at one under. Blake Adams and Kevin Na still lead at -6. The TV coverage will start in less than an hour.

Rickie Fowler bogeys 18 to shoot a 35 on his front 9 (actual back 9). Tiger also bogeys 18 and shoots a 37 on his front.

Looks like Tiger is still off today. His second shot into the par 4 18th forced him to hit a shot 73 from the primary rough onto the green. Honestly Tiger? A full 70 foot miss of the green with an iron?

Getting ready for the Players +Golf Channel coverage at 1:00 pm. Go Rickie!

Rickie is at 2 under and Tiger is even through the first 8 holes. They started on the back 9. Dustin Johnson will not be playing in the Players Championship in 2012.

I am going to use the Google+ platform to live blog the first round of the Players. The featured group will likely be Tiger Woods, Rickie Fowler and Hunter Mahan. Rickie is my favorite golfer so I will be commenting most about him. I will update this particular post with the newest updates at the top.
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