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Tower project last Saturday...called in the Varsity Team!
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Well, Here it is, y'all...Thank God they didn't show the video, I couldn't stand watching it again!

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Well we got that tower out south of Canyon done. Three days spread out over a month! 140'!

Here's the album, enjoy!

I climbed about halfway up that tower today! I had fun, but it was a bit scary too! I guess I went up almost 20 feet.

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And now there is another one missing from the same school...

Amarillo Fire is out, I think! Thanks, firefighters, police, and AES!

"Never sacrifice who you are just because someone has a problem with it"
~~My new favorite quote!

There's a fire NE of Amarillo, near Webb Rd and FM 1912, with winds gusting to 37 and coming out of the NNE. Folks in that area need to be prepared for evacuation.
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