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New Google Classroom Updates!

Check the newest +Google for Education blog post for all the details on today's #GoogleClassroom updates! Teachers can now differentiate assignments with Personalized Posts. Teachers will now receive notifications for late submissions and re-submits. And Google Apps admins can now access Classroom metrics data.

Which one is your favorite update?
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Personalized Posts
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New Teacher Notifications
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Admin Classroom Metrics Data

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Google Classroom: Now Open to Even More Learners
Available for personal accounts!

#GoogleClassroom isn't just for the classroom anymore! You can now use this amazing tool with your personal Google accounts!

Check out the blog post below and visit the official post on the +Google for Education forum to share your thoughts!

#GoogleEDU #GAFE #GoogleUpdates

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Guardian Summary No Longer Requires Google Account!

This Guardian Summary feature was updated recently and announced at #GoogleEduOnAir! Parent's will no longer be required to create or have a Google account. Teachers can invite parents with any kind of email address, which will greatly simplify the process!

#GoogleEDU #gsuite

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Update to the Topic feature in #GoogleClassroom today!
Syllabus, meet your new best friend. Create topics in #GoogleClassroom without having to create a post first.
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UPDATED Google Classroom iPad App User Guides for Students & Teachers!

I finally got around to updating these iPad App User Guides for #GoogleClassroom. There were quite a few updates for teachers over the summer, and just a couple of minor updates for students. The biggest addition is the new Annotation Tool that is available to both!

Get the guides for FREE!

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The most Frequently Asked Questions about the latest #GoogleClassroom Updates.

Where did the class code go?

How do I post to multiple classes?

Parent/Guardian Summaries

Hi there,

Users are reporting that their students are not appearing on the Student Tab in Google Classroom and/or the number of students that are Done/Not Done is in accurate. The team is aware of this issue and are actively investigating the situation. Once we have an update, I will post to this thread. Thanks for your patience, and have a great day.


The Classroom Team

Hi there,

The Google Apps for Education team will be attending ISTE 2016 in Denver, Colorado next week! We have a lot of exciting events planned for you to take advantage of at the convention. In particular, you will have the opportunity to participate in small roundtable discussions regarding the pain point students face migrating their work when leaving the domain (i.e. graduation, transfer, etc.). We want to talk to IT Admins and Technology Specialist about some issues that many schools and districts face and about possible solutions.

If you want to learn more or are interested to participate in the small focus-groups, please sign up by completing this Form: or stop by Booth #2511 at the Colorado Convention Center next week.


The Google Apps for Education Team!

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Happy Teachers Appreciation Day!

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Hi there Google Classroom users,

Just want to let you know a new version of Google Classroom for iOS is now available.

What's New in Version 1.8.0
* Drafts! Teachers can save drafts of posts as well as view and post drafts saved on other devices
* Teachers can reuse posts from previous classes that they taught or co-taught
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