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It was awesome hope to see you guys as often as we see Itchy & Scratchy
Could you imagine an entire Mythbusters episode (or at least a half) done in simpsons animation?
The first time I actually wanted to see something broadcasted by Fox (even in Holland they're know for their unfair and unbalanced news and we don't even receive Fox news) and I can't.
+MythBusters Any chance of a link for non USA folk, or are torrents once again the only option?
Love all your myth busting hilariousness!!!
hahahaha, your sooooooooooo FUUUUUUUUUU....
i love how they made reference to Adams Classic Missing Eyebrows
Great episode!
Like Ian points-out about the missing eyebrows, they made several references to MythBusters episodes, some obvious, some subtle. Fun!
that cat looks damonic ... is it just me or is that car in the back ground flying and about to hit adam in the head?
I wonder what that cat in the background is thinking... it looks sort of menising. Anybody else notice the hands in the background?Jamie looks like an artist, they really put a lot of presure on his goatee.
wonder what thell do to the cat put hands on it or thumbs
Unintelligent americans with their inane country restrictions on content. Now I understand why people torrent
Chris B
I watched this episode and is was a laugh to see Adam & Jamie on the Simsons. Although Grant popped in A town called Eureaka then Keri was on Sons of guns although did not see that. lol
I can't wait to see it in Mexico!!! =D 
i want to be on this show SOOOOOOOOOOOO bad
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