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i'm a unix sysad.. quite simply a unix geek. otherwise, you don't want to know..
i'm a unix sysad.. quite simply a unix geek. otherwise, you don't want to know..

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TIP: Configure NGROK Tunnel with Supervisor
I use a Raspberry PI (RPI) at home. I have blogged several times about my adventures with the RPI and some automation that I programmed in. It is currently running a very lightweight and optimized version of Linux named DietPI. The RPI is cheap. It ope...

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INFO: HP Notebook Battery Recall
Nowadays, whenever the mention of battery is heard, it immediately connotes the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.. This is not isolated to Samsung though. Neither is it limited to mobile phones either. It is applicable to all gadgets with batteries in them, including ...

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INFO: IP Shifter, Profile-Based Network Configuration
In this time where technology abounds and the internet of things (IoT) is being ushered in, everything seems to be either automated or has some form of dynamic-ity built-in. DHCP (or Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), has been an industry standard for th...

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HOW-TO: NAT (Network Address Translation) on a Mikrotik Router
Previous articles have discussed the configuration on a Mikrotik Router as I have experienced it -- the initial configuration and succeeding LAN provisions , like DHCP and DNS. I have linked those to the corresponding posts, should you want to check them ou...

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HOW-TO: LAN Configuration of a Mikrotik Virtual Router
In the previous article , we discussed about the configuration of the Mikrotik router, with particular focus on connectivity and protection from unauthorized access. This time, we could start with specific services that it will provide to the local area net...

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ERROR: s3cmd ([Errno 104] Connection reset by peer) Workaround
I use AWS S3 to backup files automatically on my Raspberry PI (let's call it RPI, from here). My RPI does some automation for me on my home network. It has been very sucessful at doing syncs and automated downloads as well backups. The usual target for back...

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HOW-TO: Initial Configuration of a Mikrotik Virtual Router
This year, I shifted technology specialization away from the infrastructure profession to data science, with more particular focus on data cleansing, mining, and archiving and warehousing. And necessities sometimes require application of my infrastructure b...

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HOW-TO: Protect Yourself Against Malicious Autorun.INF Code
Laziness has its price.. One brain-child of what I consider laziness is autorun.inf. I call it a vulnerability rather than a feature. This is just my two-cents. The rationale behind this line of reasoning is that, viruses and malicious software take advanta...

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ERROR: A Required Device Driver is Missing on Windows 7 Install
I could say I'm too familiar with computers to confidently install just about any modern Windows or Linux operating system from USB or boot from USB for that matter.. However, a recent experience with a Windows 7 install, made me hit a brick wall and the ex...

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HOW-TO: Locate VMware ESXi Hosts in Your Infrastucture
There are times when you have to operate within the constraints of the environment in which you operate in -- like when you have a workstation that requires multiple operating systems (as well as multiple applications) and all that's available to you for ne...
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