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Has anyone been to a water park recently? I just went and it was great but one thing let me down a lot: they had zero Chinese food. I mean what kind of place are you running?! #eatchinesefood #orangechicken #lbc

Setting aside expectations has really helped me let go and enjoy life a lot more. Nevertheless I would never do that when it comes to Chinese food and you shouldn’t either! #chinesefood #lbc #takeout

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So it may be a day or so past the 4th but want to give it a read anyway? #lbc #takeout  

Happy 4th of July everyone! Raise those flags high (and that Orange Chicken). #giveusdeliveryorgiveusdeath #happy4th

Need some food that delivers great taste at an even better price? I think I know a place... #chinesefood #lbc

With the 4th of July coming up, I’ve definitely started wearing my 4th of July bandana. #America #chinesefood #giveusdeliveryorgiveusdeath

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I always liked VH1's Behind the Music so I did a little Behind the Food exposé on General Tso's Chicken. Happy reading (and eating!).

No matter what life brings your way, know that I’m rooting for you (and have piping hot Chinese food waiting for you). #delivery #takeout

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I'm still trying my hand at writing. Indulge me and read it? #chinesefood #lbc

When life gives you lemons, use them to add zest to your favorite Chinese dish. #realtalk #wisdom
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