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Need #DriveForLinux
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They don't care enough? They're employees prefer Macs and Windows? Linux is just way too awesome and they're blinded by it's awesomeness?
Google is most frightened of Linux..they know that it is the only thing which can disrupt their monopolistic plans..Hence they try to cause inconvenience to Linux users in every way
No Picaasa for linux,
No Google sketch for Linux
No Google Talk for Linux
and now no Google drive for Linux.

But I m happy with Ubuntu One !!
They do, themselves, use Linux. Android, their own internal OS. They contribute to kernel. I think it may be a case of not being bothered to support the plethora of DEs and distros. So instead of supplying us binaries or code we could use, nada.
I guess they should atleast cater to the Debian(and its forks) users.
I thought Google used linux for its desktops in house. Or at least limited the number of windows boxes
A very very good question. They need to support the very thing they use for us consumers.
Well, there are better options, with full encryption in the Linux-agent, like Spideroak and Wuala. And who owns the files and the copyright, you or Google?
And if it comes out anysync will be awesomeness
Sorin H
Dropbox is still the best. Shame on you Google, no Drive for Linux?!
Netflix doesn't support Linux because one of Microsoft's top guys sits on the Netflix Board. Amazon supports Linux, but its streaming capabilities currently leave something to be desired.
That's really a shame...but still, I prefer dropbox. Seamless desktop integration is very important.
+Dick Thomas It's a hack, a dirty one and I would not be surprised if, at one point, you would lose your files.

What we need is a native client, I can understand they don't want to support all DEs but why not implement it as a deamon that would sync stuff in the background or a fuse module for direct mounting.
Because there are <2% of Linux users. Many of them are afraid of Google and don't want to entrust Google any of their data (huge Google paranoia in Germany). Most Linux users want everything for free and won't pay for any additional storage capacity plan. Not (just) my opinion — pure statistics. Also I've read a Linux fanboy post after which most G engineers are using Linux themselves... I guess he mixed up Mac with Linux. I think there are more G engineers who are using Windows than Linux.
+Alexander Orlov - Actually Linux users tend to be more generous with their wallet, than users of "commercial" systems - when chipping in.
When being an active developer of two Linux based operating systems, I wouldn't say they're freighten of Linux.
OK, admittedly only ~2% of computer users are using a Linux-based platform. But with the rise of Google's Android platform, and the fact OS X has a fair amount of *NIX code in it, surely it wouldn't take them too much effort to compile a Linux binary?
What we need to remember is that Android, while using a Linux kernel, doesn't really run Linux apps. So Android client is not really a Linux client, it's more of a Dalvik client.
+Ben Norwood It's isn't about the kernel it's about the application level APIs. Google would have to build such a client upon GTK/GNOME or Qt/KDE to create hooks for their file manager apps. Android's client doesn't speak to the kernel: Hey kernel, give me the file from the URL xy! The client speaks to the Java based Android SDK.
because GNU/Linux users know that rsync + ssh/sshfs is just as good, if not better! Through a little git magic in for version control, and you're all set.
+Michael Bennett Good point but where is my cloud then? Are you suggesting I have to rsync stuff from my Android to my Linux Desktop just cause they didn't do a client for it? Thats a rather hackish attempt.

I'd much more prefer an integrated solution rather than a hack'n'slash just because $bigboy didn't hand me the candy.
Jacking my images... That's unethical, and what's up with that?
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I think Google really wants users on the Web browser, to use their applications
+Kirk M it is a shame that they did not put linux as a priority since was google OS choice.
+George Coelho Aside from kernel Google OS has nothing in common with Bubuntu or any other Mumu distribution. Porting G Drive isn't about supporting Linux it's about supporting the appropriate app level APIs.
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