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I can not tell you how many times I have uttered these exact words.
no i will not help you configure your facebook again, use google+. ;)
انا اريد ان اتعلم الينكس ارجوكم 
Well said! Trying to convince my dad for years. And my boss too! But my boss pays me well and my father is too old to switch. I just got to keep trying. :-)
If someone needs someone else to fix basic Windows issues the last thing I'm going to do is suggest that person use Linux. I'd suggest they learn to RTFM and Google first. Once they've mastered those crucial skills I might suggest Linux.
You don't need to understand Linux to use it because in my experience it doesn't break. I have a few users you are always having issues with windows pc and have no clue whatsoever and are always scared they're gonna kill it if they click the wrong button. When they use one of the linux boxes in their office they have no problems and their stress levels are waaaaay down.
Linux will also Scotch-guard your carpet and reseal your deck, preventing problems there as well! Not to mention HDD failures and loss of data are now a thing of the past when you install Linux.
For me Linux does not break as I don't know how to use it. Cannot break something you don't use?

Jokes aside, for me Unix has been for work horse stuff (controlling ATEs). On a desktop computer I am at a lost what to use it for.
Jenny A
+Alfred Loo you use it the same way you use Windows or Mac. Granted you won't find many commercial programs like Photoshop, but there are alternatives that are just as good.
Windows will Scotch-guard your deck and reseal your carpet.
lol, why leave a comment if all you want to do is talk trash? I think I smell a troll...
Linux is good but OX10.7 is great!
i said this to my friends at least 20 times, but i always help them at the end...
If you don't like fixing people's computers, telling them to switch to Linux is a terrible idea. They'll come asking for a lot more help if you do that (because they'll need it).

The best thing to do is to tell them to get a Mac. That way, they can just stop at the Apple store if they have a problem, and they will actually take care of them. Problem solved - you're not doing unpaid IT support, and they get a great computer, with the help they need.
I've got an HP and it hasn't crashed YET... (had it for about 3years) so no thanks to the fix
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
I wanted and like giving my money to Microsoft. I love that my computer needs a regular fix, as junkies go... haha
Ubuntu 12.04 is my current default desktop
Vista is perfect? Vista made me switch to Ubuntu after the third time I BSODed and corrupted data I was working with. Stop trolling.
Many things that just work run on Linux (e.g. your phone, router, car, refrigerator). If something is advertised to a consumer as being Linux (e.g. a desktop OS), that more when you might run into trouble. Please recompile me.
Okay, but when Linux inevitably stops working, will you then fix their computer?
I have 5 Linux virtual machines installed on my vista computer using vmware workstation, But what the distro that I love the most is the BackTrack Linux
BTDT, doesn't work. My dad can screw anything up.
I would use Linux, If I could master how to use Linux :(
but if everybody used Linux, lots of people would be out of jobs...
use it learn it.......we did the same with our mobiles.
What about Mac OSX? A unix / linux / BSD like base with a good User interface.
From which distribution of Linux you guys entered? Red Hot, Susi, Ubuntu or Debian? For beginners which distribution do you recommend or text to read?
Linux is an idea witch grows fast with communication
And now we have nice GUI so why use anything els?
Ok. For something look a like windows you may try suse. I personally dropped it for ubuntu when I first discovered it (2004) never tried suse then. Linux in general is not bad. The only issues you may face when surfing on some windows TM website... Then you wish you can wine ie.
This is an amazing OS FOR EMERGENYS
This is, paradoxically, very true. Install Linux on someone's computer and you'll never be asked to go anywhere near it again. Because they won't, either.
This is a great pic! Even better is the comment it states, lol
I use Debian, but I'm not going to slag off Windows... Macs on the other hand...
Min Lin
this is too exaggerate
lunix is coolest os i have ever used !
I keep meaning to buy a Raspberry Pi, be rude not to...
It's ok for a standby like windows fine 
Finely #Linux in hot news on g+ ;-) love linux!! And people contributing in making linux better !! ( #ubuntu fan )
You should for the cost of 25 pounds 
Well, I'd wish I had a Linux machine now (I don't since the laptop running it was designed for Vista, which probably meant it should die with a broken graphics chip once a year, bleh). My wife is using an 8 year old laptop with Linux and I seldomly have to help her - mostly it's with configuring stuff, like turning off autocorrect in the Office package or configuring the email client. So yes, I don't fix my family's computers because they run Linux. Or because I am not allowed to (school-supplied Windows-machine for one of my daughters which has issues setting files to read-only and random shutdowns. Don't have the Administrator password, luckily can't fix anything there).
Oh, the MacBook I am writing this on is a good second best. But still only second :)
I'm really happy with windows 7 (though I have a seldom-used Ubuntu partition) and every problem I've encountered I've been able to fix myself! I think basic computer literacy should come before whole OS switching. 
hat something my brother would say
Except that my Linux machine actually freezes a lot more often and is a much bigger pain to fix things in.
Man I know so many people who are always needing help cause Linux was broken. Much easier just telling them stop trying to use it and go back to windows you will have much less issue doing what you are trying to do. But some people live by the mistaken belief that Linux is more secure, These same people are generally firefox users for the same reason lol. Occasionally you just have to show them how wrong they are and that there belief stems from the fact that as such things are used less people aren't exploiting them as much, Not that they are actually more secure. But infact are generally easier to hack, specially in the case of firefox. One day people will learn not to just follow blindly.
Where cn i download linux? and which 1 shud I download?"
Mac OSX is a POS. I have a Mac Book Pro ( Purchased by my work ) that I did not pay for nor will I ever and I laugh at all of you who are nothing more than Fan Boys of an inferior Operating System. You guys shell out a lot of money for junk. Keep buying inferior tech like the Mac Book and iphone. Windows 7 is better than a MAC ( By the way I only use Win 7 to game nothing else ). Its faster and more stable. The reason I have a Mac Book is so I could take it and compare it against Windows and Linux. Unfortunately for Mac there is no comparison. My favorite line for a Mac when it cant do something as fast or at all like Linux or Windows I say this is a Steve Jobs Feature. This makes the Mac unique and special. The only thing thats nice about a Mac is the shell. Based on my 2 years with a Mac I would remove OSX and install , Redhat , Debian, or any other Linux variant.
Dan Dart, Neil Young I have ordered one , pls. spicific write you. & Monj Kashayp Do you thinks you & me Border Relation ?.My hard working Running. Just time remembar my Google+ Cont:,
so, obviously, as the text suggests .... Linux would be 'easier' to fix compared to anything else .... well, I like Linux ... but LET ME LAUGH OUT LOUD !!! :D
implying that using linux is so easy that it wont need fixed. you have to be kidding me. linux is harder then all of the other OS's. albeit, its easy to install new software and just as easy to lock up the installation process.. and with out the knowledge how to unlock it.. 10 hours later youll find an article on google that helps you.
+Ruben Orduz I think the issue is not so much linux stuff won't break, but the person making the statement would be able to give useful directions if it was linux. From a linux users POV, that's correct. I'm not a windows noob, but it's been many years since I've used it on a day to day basis, so my troubleshooting skills aren't what they used to be (although, oddly, still better than many people who use windows every day). I'm more capable helping someone troubleshoot a linux or osx problem, as those are my major daily platforms now.
In my experience anyone new to anything technology is often ridiculed and called names as well as receive a hardy dose of arrogance from the technological community. In fact it is so bad that "n00b" is a derogatory term that is now mainstream and there are few non-tech people that don't know what a ID-ten-tee error is. It is a common attitude which can be seen in some of the previous posts that if you are not technologically gifted, you don't belong and should just sit in a corner and RTFM regardless of whether it makes sense to you or not.

I have used Linux and I would use it again if Visual Studio 2010, SSMS and MS Office ran on Linux (need these for work) but I would never tell a non-tech friend to switch to Linux unless installing programs on Linux has changed where you don't have to manually compile them anymore and the people with elitist, arrogant attitudes attacking non-tech savvy people begin to be attacked with as much venom.
The sad thing is, even Linux breaks....esp after the Update Manager has touched it... but the good news is, that also fixes things it breaks.
+John Mihalko I couldn't agree more. This is the same thought process that infects (well, maybe defines) elitists of all kinds. It might as well be a political or religious propaganda piece. It's propaganda.
BTW, I've not given up on a Windows re-install. Just insanely busy.
I do, and I still need help sometimes...

I'm no computer programmer, but decided to switch to ubuntu after hearing the unity interface was meant for us normal users that aren't really comfortable with using a command line. I was so pleased with ubuntu i installed it on all my computers. Never will i use windows on my machines again.
I've been using linux since around 2006 as a non-techie. Ran a business using it for a couple of years. I've never had to compile software. It has been as simple as choosing it from a package manager, or if you're using Ubuntu you just go to their software center and pick out what you want. The install process is all automated. I realize it was different a long time ago (and maybe still is on some distros), but on the distros I've used (Ubuntu, Mint, OpenSUSE, Fedora, Crunchbang, and a handful of others) I've never had to do it.

My kids have used it, and I installed it over a year ago for my ex-wife, for her to use and for my daughter when she is there. Neither are "in" to computers apart from just doing what you'd do on a Windows computer. No trouble, really. I'm not sure what throws people.
Han Lee
I wouldn't have suggested linux before but with 12.04 LTS..Ubuntu became a lot more friendlier. Although like many I still don't like Unity, I am getting used to it now, and I think it is a feature that many newcomers would actually enjoy.
I wish I could say same for Windows. Since XP...none are that good, except Vista which encouraged me to move to Linux. Thanks a lot MS
Just converted a softie to Ubuntu today. Some teething pains. But gotta give back to the community!
I would give it a better attempt if there was more game support on it....
Apple's run on the Linux Kernel. If you have to enter a password to install or change setting your Windows 7 experiences would last a lot further. AKA MAC, UBUNTU, REDHAT, or and other Opensource OS'S (Permissions problem with Windows OS's)
I'v messed around with Linux for years, I now have Zorin dual booting on two machines... If you've not used Linux in the past or are a little wary, I'd suggest installing Zorin as it has a feel of Windows 7 :-)
I still am yet to learn Linux. I should take that up this summer and master it! 
Personally, I get ALOT more trouble from my Linux system (a Debian based headless server), than I do my Windows 7 system, and when #Linux gives trouble, it's usually MUCH harder to resolve, with a community that loves talking down to people.
Is Linux still pretending to be a vial Desktop Operating System? , the last thing i wold suggest to any one who dose not know how to fix there windows / os x is to install Linux
Switched from Ubuntu to Mint. Unity...ugh.

Are we still having OS wars? Most people have never used all the operating systems they're arguing about, therefore don't know what they're talking about. I've used DOS 1.10-5.0, SCO Unix, OS/2, Windows 2.0-7, Ubuntu 8.04-11.04, and now Mint. I've never used a Mac because I can't afford it.

Every operating system has its advantages. And based on the sheer number of hours spent just using each OS vs. maintaining it, I'd say I've been the happiest with MS-DOS 4.01, and Ubuntu 10.04. My biggest smile was the first time I installed Ubuntu and it took 3 minutes to configure, instead of the 45 minutes required for Windows just to step through the installation process. (XP was pretty good, for being Windows. The jury is still out on Windows 7 but it seems pretty solid. For being Windows.)

I'm sure Mac works just fine, but my god the price tag is tremendous. For me to switch from Mint to Mac, the Mac better be absolutely perfect. And I mean no crashes or errors at all. But I know people who work for Mac tech support, so it can't be perfect.
If someone actually uses Linux effectively, then they have obviously learned a computer science degree (like me) or equivalent, so of course you're not going to have to fix their computer anymore!
This is what I told my mom a year ago when she was using windows. Now she's using Ubuntu and I haven't received a phone call about "my computer is too slow", "this program wont start", "it's shutting off randomly". Instead I get "I love Ubuntu it's so easy!"
While linux may not be a great fit for users who need quicken, visual studio, etc, it is great for users who just want to surf and use webmail. now that i switched my dads pc to ubuntu, he has been problem free for years.
I too love it........I am using Ubuntu...!
Yeah right :)
Linux is very stable, but only for geeks.
"Linux is user friendly, but it carefully chooses its friends".
Problem here is that people who can't master windows, probably won't understand linux
Why are some people still scared of #linux It is no more the OS where you boot from a command line (You still can choose to do it). I think there seems to be a fear of using terminal....
+Dan Miller with latest Linux distros you can learn linux instead of windows... learning windows is not a prerequisite.
^ I suggest watching a novice use a computer sometime.
Honestly, I just love windows. I love the direction Microsoft took it and i find windows 7 to be the perfect OS.
Nav H.
Linux has same amount of problems as any other OS.
And Windows 8 looks like hot trash. They had it right with 7, not sure why you would want to change so much. But I'm happy with 12.04 Ubuntu much more than Windows 7 so far.
It's been said many times in this thread already (guess I'll say it again anyway) - if someone needs help with their current OS so much, they sure as hell are not going to be able to handle installation and maintenance of Linux.

Sorry, I can't be diplomatic anymore - another dumb graphic.
@Garan: I didn't pay for my copy of Win7. Having friends at Microsoft can be nice.
not everybody has friends at microsoft
Mj Reed
Wow he looks tasty (not lik dAt)
actually, if my parents would use linux, they would ask me for help way more often.
+Naveed H. I don't think so. Unless you're running bleeding edge, obscure or paleolithic hardware, most distros of Linux will run significantly better and with less cost and maintenance than comparable platforms. That's not to say there isn't room for improvement because there always will be, but to compare any distro of desktop Linux to...say...Windows, and say that they have the same amount of problems is just ridiculous.
Well , since I don't know much about OSes , so I will use windows. It makes the computer easiest to use. I will use Linux the day I learn some assembly language stuff.
I would recommend my friends and family use Linux for exactly the reason implied in the original post. That being, as their support person I'm going to get a lot less calls because their computer's stopped working. For me, doing an install and showing the new user a few things to make sure they can keep their new system up to date is a pleasure, not a chore.
Simply put; OSX/iOS are for the computer illiterate because its like playing with kids toys like Fisher Price and on for these who can not handle complex situations, Windows 7/8 and maybe windows phones are for the intermediate users who knows more than just clicking on stuff and Linux/Android is for the users that are master tinkers and hackers that are not afraid of breaking their build by tinkering and recompiling the kernel and fixing them!

OSX - kids and people who knows nothing about computers and are constant whiners

Windows - people who knows what point-and-click and dragging as well as copy and paste means and whines when they need to

Linux - l33t users who tells the whiners to STFU, GTFO and RTFM!!!!
lunux n i repeat!! Else u can sort urself out nkt! Lol
+Razvan Dumitrescu Heh, you're just kidding right? I'm pretty sure you are...but just in case:

grant@morlock:~$ uname -a
Linux morlock 3.0.0-17-generic #30-Ubuntu SMP Thu Mar 8 17:34:21 UTC 2012 i686 athlon i386 GNU/Linux
If anyone have truble with ubuntu 12.04 pls post (I never had)
Love the way Mac fanboys will try and make a post all about them even if it never included them in the first place :)
BWAHAHAHA yeah, tell a noob to use linux..... fail
not on linux
1. update virus and spyware signatures every other day
2. defragment every now and then
3. blue screen
You should try installing Gentoo. (sarc) Only kidding, if you can't get your head round Ubuntu (which is the simplest) then stick to windoze.
NOOOO! trust me when I say that they will figure out a way to break linux! D:
never cus there is will be a cure for everything .If some one makes a virus; some other will make a anti-virus
With Windows 8, people will anyways have a learning curve. Best if invested with linux...
I don't have any money because i'm teenager, and i can't buy anything because my dad doesn't agree
for ubuntu there is a software center
although it is a little hard to install softwares from other sits :-(. like tarball file extensions (.tar.bzz)(.tar.bz2)
I am using ubuntu for over six or 7 years never found it hard :-)
I have been using Linux for around 4 years and I've found it as the best OS you can ever get!
any ways few people are still in false impression that linux is not accepted as full OS. +Razvan Dumitrescu if you still think Linux is not considered as OS then you must know study little about CISCO VMWARE ANDROID, these are majour players in their field and all of them are derived from linux and if you still think that's not enough even M$ uses linux operating system on some their servers for XBOX
been using Linux sine 1998, when people called users like us Communists!
thats my birth year
I don't really know how long i have been using ubuntu; sure about more than 7.
and i like communism :-) (the ideas it have)
LOL. "Rolls on the floor laughing"
+John Gurga wow... "these who can not handle complex situations". Did you ever stop to think that many of the things in Linux should not be complex but nonetheless are?
never heards of it
haha yea right. when people can't understand how to use/fix computers I send them to Mac, not Linux. The answer is to give them less options to mess up, not more.
what's with the penguin. hahahahha. rofl. !!!!! What's with the flag? Or the piece of fruit? LOL!
+Michael Kimsal You just need practice to get better. I personally don't find Linux complicated as you do, since now I know what i am doing. Do you know what your doing?
the penguin makes it funnyr than wat it reely is
People who say they can't use Linux have evidently never tried.
i will not use linux in my life its a total wast of time
Or don't realize all iOS, Android, TiVo devices, LG and Dell televisions, many ATMs and most transit ticket vending machines, many self check in kiosks, and thousands of other devices we commonly interact with daily already run Linux.
Having used both on my PC, Linux breaks less. I have to fix Windows problems all the time, but Linux. Not once.

When Windows 8 comes out - I'm moving to Linux. I'm not giving Microsoft any more of my money for their crap.
My win7 witch i ran aside ubunu have crash'd and never ever can start again
and soon i will erase the windows partition and will give ubuntu full control of my laptop
I don't like linux...because i don't know how to use it:(
+Kunjappu Abhijith.R This may let Linux people design an OS that is general for everyone, easy to install and access, popular, and unify the don't know how many hundreds of Linux versions available. But most important crash free and free of all the annoying Windows things everyone knows.
down load a virtual machine and install ubuntu virtually to test it
Use Linux, you're Free
+Ben Yates yes I am aware of these stuff you said, as I am Mac certified but the people I've met that owns an apple product (that is not iOS based) does not know what a terminal is or what the Console does, which validates my comment on why a OSX based machine is ideal for these who don't understand how computers work or lazy on learning them.
+Peter Adams: Why promote bad habits longer than necessary? Your method means they have to unlearn bad Windows assumptions about the computer world.
Just to make it 100% clear, anyone commenting here saying they will never 'use Linux'... Too late, you already did! Google uses Linux a LOT. Obviously as servers but also on their corporate desktops. Not to mention Android and Chrome OS. Welcome to Tux's place.
+Max Harris: You don't have to be the IT guy for Linux, either. Just tell 'em to google the answer. Google actually once specialized in a Linux-specific search (though this functionality has been integrated into the regular search these days). And for those times when it's just hopeless, you can still just SSH in or teamviewer it and show them.
+Michael Kimsal, yes Linux should be simplified and less complex for the normal, standard user, for which I believe Ubuntu, Mint and some are trying to do. Distros have a long way to go if they want their distro to be on a normal, ordinary machine at home for the typical, intermediate consumers and not commonly found in a hot, sweaty, stuffy server room at a mindless corporate building but that's up to the community to contribute and help simplify the process. Linux isn't perfect and thats alright because thats the fun part about learning Linux. If you don't like Linux or feel that it is too complex and don't want to read/study the "manual" then STFU and GTFO?
If not used properly, any os will break. I broke my Ubuntu in early days a lot.
+Nick Simmonds: Inevitably? I think you're confusing Linux with Windows. I haven't reinstalled my main machine since I was a sophomore in high school and Clinton was getting impeached. That install has migrated to countless different hardware, it started on a 386SX with 4MB of RAM and 110MB disk, now it's on a ThinkPad with 4GB of RAM and 100GB disk. Heck, try to copy a Windows install to another machine, and it dies hard instantly. This +Debian install is 14 years old and still rock solid after countless apt-get dist-upgrades.
Nope, Macs are stupid, ugly, and outrageously overpriced, even with their aluminium casing and large screens. The new keyboards suck ass, the new mice suck ass, and now Macs are getting infected (although that's was really the sheer ignorant stupidity of the Mac owner not the mac itself). I you don't understand computers, get a friend to install Ubuntu for you. And it comes with shiny new stuff every six months.
This is the era of free software :-)
Or this is Free software revolution :-)
Games aside, there is little a home PC running Windows can do that one running Linux (Ubuntu for example).

You might end up with a different named application, but so what?
Honestly windows is better BUT Linux logo is better
I own a MacBook Pro because the hardware is superb, and the OS is awesome. Windows sucks. The only thing Microsoft has done right in the past 10 years is the X-Box/X-Box 360. I only use Windows for gaming, and most major games are now starting to develop for Mac as well, so the days of having to game on Windows are numbered. As for Linux, when my dad's laptop (Windows) got a virus and crashed, I installed Ubuntu on it for him. My dad is not a very computer literate guy, but he quickly learned how it worked and has had nothing but good things to say about it. He is now seriously considering buying a Mac for the house because Windows computers only last a few years before their usefulness runs out.
so freaken cute and i totaly agree with Derek Temple
SO SAY WE ALL! Indeed. Use Ubuntu: six questions and one of them is your name.

It's what Microsoft's been PROMISING for a decade, right there for free! Enjoy!
+Alan McGarrity How long? 'Cause most Macs will last around 10-12 years just fine without needing any major hardware updates. Other computers just don't last that long and Windows doesn't port between systems very well, so you have to completely restart when you get a new comp. Linux OS can easily be transferred between computers without breaking, and Mac doesn't need to be transferred because they last so long.
linux can offer more than windows can ever offer and that includes a cummunity and command line customizing
+Alan McGarrity That's wonderful, but yours is a very rare case among Windows users, because the hardware usually craps out long before 10 years have passed. Most people I know that use Windows buy a new Windows computer every 2-5 years, whereas my friends that use Mac or Linux only buy a new comp every 7-10 years or just build their own comps to begin with.
If everyone used Linux, Bill Gates would be out of a job...
+Charlie Barber: If Windows was better, it wouldn't need a multibillion dollar PR campaign to convince people of that from repetition. It would sell itself on reputation.
The last thing I would recommend to someone who phoned me a lot for help would be linux, they'd be phoning me even more "why wont my DVD play", "why wont my games run", "how do I install this pirate copy of X my friend gave me"... not to mention I would have to configure it for them thus ensuring a moral obligation to support it.

Windows 7 is actually very good compared to the older MS systems. My mum has been running Win7 for about a year without needing my help.
+Jonathan Mayo VLC is a pretty good 1st port of call for getting DVDs playing. Windows 8 users had better learn to love it as W8 will not be supporting DVD playback. There are numerous solutions for playing games on Linux. Steam and EA are beginning to show serious interest in desktop Linux as a game platform. As for pirated software, well personally I'd be unwilling to help anyone with that anyway, especially if there was a free software alternative...
Funny, last night I had an update break vdpau support and once I fixed that I had sort out a bad video tearing issue.
I own a Shirt that says 'No, I will not fix your computer' :P
I love Linux, but a lot of people are either too lazy or too ignorant to use it. It is not for sissies. I enjoy learning Linux. There are a lot of job openings for people who can do Linux. Programmers make the most money.
Rubbish. Sure, you may not get a virus, trojan, malware or spyware on Linux, but there are other problems that can be quite detrimental, and when you DO need to troubleshoot the issue in Linux, it usually requires editing text files or typing in long commands in a shell. You don't have to do that kind of crap with Windows--troubleshooting is easy on Windows, 99% of it can be done using the mouse. Heck, you have to use a shell interface just to change the video card preferences in Linux (like vsync preferences). It's all about having to revert to a 1980s interface to troubleshoot with Linux.

You have to know THE MOST about computers to use and troubleshoot Linux compared to the alternatives.

And as others have said, Linux can't help hardware failures.
+Brandon Fowler You apparently haven't seen a linux distro in about 15 years. Like I said above, I'm no expert on linux, but in using it the past six years or so I've never had to do any of the things you're talking about, or that others have mentioned, even to change video card preferences (which can be done through a GUI like you'd use in Windows, at least in some distros I've used). I'm mindful of the various advantages of Windows over Linux, and vice versa, but I can't help but think that commentary from people who must not have used linux in well over a decade is a bit...well, dated.

And I should add that I like Win 7 just fine. I have it on one computer and it works great, so I'm not anti-Windows or Microsoft. I'd just like to see criticisms of linux based on information from the current decade (or at least the last one).
+R. Scott Kimsey I've used a distribution as recent as 6 months ago. I wish Ubuntu wouldn't have switched to Unity (with everything stuck on the left side that you can only move by hacking), you couldn't change vsync properties, you can't change advanced properties of the video card without going through a shell-style interface, in addition to having to get the official video card drivers separately for copyright reasons. In this case, maybe it's nVidia's fault for not supplying a decent interface, I don't know.

And yes, I know you can use a different GUI than Unity. I just think Ubuntu messed up when they switched to something so uncustomizable.

And don't get me started on programs that you can't use apt-get or variations of add/remove programs with--if it's precompiled you can throw it anywhere you want, but if it's not compiled, you have to go through hell to compile it yourself, which especially becomes impossible when libraries like libsigc have changed their syntax since the program was written. Probably about 70% of titles are available through apt-get or add/remove, the rest is a gamble.
Despite all the FUD being thrown at it, still there are 1082 +1s as I post this. Linux must be getting something right for a lot of people...
+R. Scott Kimsey It also greatly depends on which distribution of Linux you are using and whether it is a server version or not.
+Brandon Fowler OK, my bad. I don't know, maybe people are trying to do things I just don't end up doing, but my experience in linux couldn't be much different from what a lot of people have been posting. Can you use nvidia-settings in Unity? That's what I used to use on a computer that had an Nvidia card.

I like Ubuntu. I also like Crunchbang, because it is nice and fast. The only time I've ever had to do much editing of config files or try to compile programs is when I tried to do an Arch install (and I actually got through it, finally, but I wouldn't suggest it to people who haven't used linux).

Most distros like Linux Mint, Ubuntu, and Fedora that I've used recently have been simple - boot up the liveCD, install with the GUI installer, and I'm ready to go. I haven't even had to configure any hardware.

Now, if only all my games ran on it :)
+Brandon Fowler you said Windows--troubleshooting is easy on Windows, 99% of it can be done using the mouse.

So i hope you don't have 99% common windows problem (you can solve 99% problem with your mouse) like Not Responding BSOD System slower after few months Virus/Trojans/Corrupt .exe files and many more not remember all the windows problem because I'm don't touch any Micro$hit product for last 5 years and I'm much happy with Linux
+Jonathan Mayo That's true windows 7 is good but not smart and secured for my mom (she start learning computer in past 15 days) I'm installed ubuntu 12.04 and give 30 minutes lecture how to use it and now she is happy with ubuntu 12.04 Gnome (Gujarati Local Indian Language) and by using this way she is don't know what is virus and antivirus how to run registry cleaner after few weeks and many useless stuff that i need to teach if i'm installed any windows product
Microsoft's day is done. The dashtop has Linux in radar detectors and GPS units. Linux is in almost every wearable, popularized by the mp3 player. It's covering more of the smartphone market than you realize; not only every Android, but each iPhone is running *BSD, Linux' older sister. In fact, everything Apple's now doing runs on top of BSD.

Windows is relegated to the one thing it was willing to lie, cheat, and steal to have: the shrinking desktop market. And it's losing it's grip there, too.

Unix was run by heathens; they wanted something like $4,000 for the OS, another few thousand for the development system, and it was CRAP for compatibility. And in ten years they ran it into the ground.

But now it's back with a business model that can't be beat. So it won't be. It's now Linux' world. Take heart: in this one, you deserve your copy. You've earned yours. And day after day it will continue to get better because it needs to and not because a focus group says so.

You're welcome!
I love open source stuff! Those who contribute their expertise in such projects deserve round of applause;) thank you!!!!
I have nothing against linux and I would like to use it. I have used Ubu before and have setup a server with it before but remember Microsoft haters that A LOT of errors that Windows has had have been from user error not the OS. If you don't know how to do something google it. If you try to do it without knowing how... don't complain when you break something. +Linux and Open Source +Microsoft -Apple lol jk
That's NOT just a fun. That's the real thing.
+Robert Paul Przybylowicz Jr sigh No.

OS X is the Mach kernel, supporting a BSD personality and a BSD userland. It is the sole consumer grade Unix (not *nix, Unix) out there, something Linux can never be because of decisions made early in Linux's evolution.
+Ruben Orduz they don't promise with 100% accuracy, but compare that to windows...
computing without windows OS for 2 years +, life goes on more peacefully with linux, in my case Ubuntu linux :)
Anyone know of any major businesses using it? I would use it if it actually made a difference in the real world. Inside the bubble of my house it doesn't make as much of a difference in OS. Majority of home users game or surf the web. If linux would work in a more diverse environment, I would consider it. Right now apps and other silly things regardless of OS do little more than entertain. Can I use adobe CS6 or autocad?
Same here. Ten years. Slackware; then Kubuntu. Windows free.
My business is using it, The workplace, Myself, my own computers at home, My router, your router, your tivo, your TV, your fridge with that cool display, your phone (Even iPhone is based on Unix on which Linux has been based). Etc, etc. Everyone uses Linux!

Some may just not realize it. But everyone already uses it.
I am learning programming (beginner with python)
Ubuntu makes it easy and i love ubuntu linux :-)
I was hoping for a real answer... I realize that part... ios, android etc. Linux. My hopes was for a real alternative to using windows or mac for my job. I work from home at times and I can't go switching to an os that doesn't support the same programs I use daily. iphone and osx have too little choices. I was hoping for better customization than windows allows right now. It does me no good if it doesn't work for me though. Will linux allow me to work with companies using windows and macs as seamless as them?
+Alex Buckalew Probably not. If it's a MS Office environment you are working in. The likes of Libreoffice offers some element of compatibility but if you need full integration with the MS Office infrastructure then you need to remain safely within the confines of the MS supported software.

Personally, I'd rather eat broken glass than let one company dictate my business infrastructure.
+Alex Buckalew Maybe consider running a Windows VM in Linux specifically for business purposes. This will allow you to dabble in Linux, see if you can find the appropriate programs that you need to be compatible with your Windows based office, and use your Windows VM for when you absolutely must get stuff done right now.
+Alex Buckalew as far as major companies using Linux as a primary OS, then yes, there are several. Google for one uses a highly customized version of Linux as their primary operating system. As to whether you can use AutoCAD, no, there isn't a Linux version of it. Nor is there a Linux version of any of the Adobe creative products that I am aware of. There are several alternatives to both products/suites, but not native conversions of either.

Therein lies the rub, and the main reason I keep coming back to Windows. Not that I don't love Linux, I do, and I would happily switch to it and use it as my primary OS. But for Linux to be my primary the software that I have to use (CAD software, certain programming environments, certain office suites) and the software I want to use (virtually any current highend video game) would have to run NATIVELY on the OS, without my having to install Wine or otherwise fight with the OS to make it work. And the alternatives simply aren't as well supported and developed. So, once again, I love Linux, have used it for years, as my secondary OS when I have to do work that lends itself well to the platform. When my work dictates the use of a Windows OS because it's easier that way, I use Windows.
The reason why so many Windoze users extract the urine out of Linux is because it is beyond them. That is why they say Linux is broken, because they have no clue where to start. You have to be computer literate to use such an operating system. It's not because Linux is broken, it's because you don't know how to fix it. Also all the windoze and cupertino fanbois, ask yourself this question, if Linux is so crap, then why is there a substantial number of websites being hosted in data-centres across the globe on Linux? That's right, Linux is powering the Web, not Windoze or Apple. Go figure. Go Linux. The following quote is from search engine journal: "When it comes to Web hosting, Linux has, for some time, been widely considered the best OS for Web servers. It’s typically found to be the most reliable, stable and efficient system and, as such, it’s commonly used for the demanding environment of Web and mail servers. Indeed,Most of the clients websites of aalpha NET runs on the Linux OS precisely because of this traditional stability." Like I said, go figure.
+Malky Brown what you say regarding the perception of Linux is true to a point. The thing is, it is just a perception. Once someone overcomes their fear of the unknown and starts to get a feel for how their chosen distro works then because Linux ALLOWS you to get stuck in and work with your system rather than you having to abide by Microsoft or Apple rules, it's all quite easy and pleasant.

Also, while saying that Linux powers the web is true it's also fair to say that Linux powers our financial markets, super computers, smart phones, network equipment, TV/media boxes, and if you're really lucky - your desktop! :o)
Linux is going to rule the desktops soon.........
Linux still rules mine ;-)
The only problem that as soon as they start to use Linux you will be called to open the web browser...
Not true. I've installed Ubuntu on a workstation in a library, put the Firefox symbol on the desktop and I've never been called to help them since then.
When they were running Windows on that computer I went there at least once a year to clean up and repair the system. Now I might go cleaning up a bit, but it won't take at least 4 hrs anymore :D

Just don't tell them it's Linux. Tell them it's "some OS that actually works."
+Aaren Ilmatar LOL no doubt!
«GNU/Linux, just some free OS that actually works», nice slogan ;)
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