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Ian Varley
Musician & programmer living in Austin, TX.
Musician & programmer living in Austin, TX.

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Here's my latest EP, called "remote". Hope you like it.

Post has shared content announces Phoenix, a SQL layer over HBase.

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of a new open source project, Phoenix, a SQL layer over HBase that powers the HBase use cases at We put the SQL back in the NoSQL:

 * Available on GitHub at  * Embedded JDBC driver implements the majority of java.sql interfaces,
   including the metadata APIs.
 * Built for low latency queries through parallelization, the use of
   native HBase APIs, coprocessors, and custom filters.
 * Allows columns to be modelled as a multi-part row key or key/value
 * Full query support with predicate push down and optimal scan key
   adding/removing columns.
 * Versioned schema repository. Snapshot queries use the schema that
   was in place when data was written.
 * DML support: UPSERT VALUES for row-by-row insertion, UPSERT SELECT
   for mass data transfer between the same or different tables, and
   DELETE for deleting rows.
 * Limited transaction support through client-side batching.
 * Single table only - no joins yet and secondary indexes are a work in
 * Follows ANSI SQL standards whenever possible
 * Requires HBase v 0.94.2 or above
 * BSD-like license
 * 100% Java

Join our user groups:
    Phoenix HBase User:!forum/phoenix-hbase-user     Phoenix HBase Dev:!forum/phoenix-hbase-dev
and check out our roadmap:

We welcome feedback and contributions from the community to Phoenix and look forward to working together.

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It's official, I'm making music again. Come listen.

Super easy solution to the #whitespace issue on the #newgoogleplus (if you use Chrome): just set your zoom to 150%. Everything scrolls and flows perfectly, it only affects one site, and you get less eye strain as a bonus.

Ok, new realization about Google+: it's like Twitter, but you can choose which followers see which updates.

So the selectivity goes both ways--not only do other people get to choose whether to follow you, but you also get to choose what subset of followers see each thing. That is very good. 

So, here's my crazy idea about Google+. I want it to get just successful enough so that Facebook is strategically forced to adopt an open policy where people can interoperate between the social network worlds in a way that isn't controlled by one company.

OK, Google+. Or Facebook 2.0. Or whatever. Will this work for people? I love that circles is integrated right from the start, as opposed to an afterthought. We'll see ...
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