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RMG Technology (M) Sdn. Bhd.
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We are hiring Perl developers and DevOps/Sysadmins

Who we are
RMG Technology (M) Sdn. Bhd. is a MSC status company based in Cyberjaya, Malaysia. It has been operating in Malaysia since 2004 and has a technical team of diverse nationalities, including people working in Malaysia as well as commuters in different parts of the world.

What we do
Our company provides IT and quants services to a major and pioneering financial platforms. We use Perl and lots of Perl-related technologies extensively. We use lots of other technologies too such as Apache, nginx, mod_perl, PostgreSQL, Javascript, Git, Puppet, Selenium, Jenkins, OpenVZ and AWS. We use Linux for all our infrastructure. Our daily routine involves maintaining the business operations as well as developing and deploying new solutions to make life easier for ourselves and our customers.

How it is to work with us
We have a very casual work environment and culture, from dress code to the way we communicate and work. If you drop by with no idea of what we do, you will have a hard time guessing. Our technical teams are people who are deeply concerned about the quality of their work and have a passion for it, rather than trying to make a living out of it. We try to improve the way things are done constantly. We don’t have a very big team so our staff have to deal with various stuff on a daily basis.

What we are looking for
Right now we have vacancies for two types of positions: Developers and Sysadmin/DevOps. As a part of our technical team, you will be involved in our daily operations to make our infrastructure and products closer to what our customers need. Development is ongoing and we deploy regularly. We really care about testing and fault-proofing our code before it goes live so there’s a great deal of QA involved. We use virtualization extensively and rely on third party cloud services for parts of our operation. We are always on the lookout for new technologies that can add value to our portfolio of tools and services. You might be a good match for our company if:

○ You are knowledgeable about Linux and its knots and bolts
○ You are comfortable touching Perl code or know another scripting language that can help you pick it up. Take our word. There’s no escape from Perl here
○ You are familiar with technologies such as Apache, nginx, Git, Debian packaging, monitoring solutions and are comfortable learning new ones when needed
○ You can work as a part of a team of people as good as or better than you. You can take and provide criticism and build on the experience to build better solutions in the future
○ You are an independent being and can surprise yourself and the others with the new stuff you come up with
○ As a developer, you are familiar with the concepts of software quality assurance and can test your own and other’s code against the requirements and standards

What you are looking for
So after what we expect from you, here’s a list of the things you can expect from us:

○ You can expect a reasonable compensation package
○ We provide the option to provide you with housing or equal pay for you to get your own place
○ Canteen with refreshments for those times when you really need some
○ Friendly and casual working environment
○ Flexible working hours
○ Working from home option on certain occasions/positions (not telecommuting)

How to apply
If you think you can be a good match for our company, drop us a line along with your resume at and we’ll get back to you. While not mandatory here’s a list of the stuff we might be really interested in:

○ Projects you might have been involved in
○ If you have any public repositories on places such as github provide a link to it
○ Contributions you might have made to projects such as providing patch, new features, …
○ Anything that gives us a better picture of what you are up to
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Have them in circles
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RMG Technology (M) Sdn. Bhd. is a MSC status company based in Cyberjaya, Malaysia. We develop customized IT solutions based on our needs.