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getting closer just need that kick that mid terms will give to drive my grade up to passing before spring break
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+Sean Boehm I dont either, but i dont get very much anyway... Sorry about what i said, i was trying to troll u rofl. Counter troll the troll.
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TMW you realize all the gravity falls jokes you can make with a clue/ investigate deck
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when you know youre playing the best version of minecraft
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+brian meerkerk its a assassin creed 3 texture pack
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reasons that i beleive in satanism
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idk but it is kinda sweet
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have you peoples had to read "to kill a mocking bird" yet
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no and we wont need to
no and we do need to do it
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When i was 7, why?
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R8 my progress

im doing a movie maker project for computer class with the ABC's its supposed to be done with paint (or at least look like it)
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must have i needs
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gah nerding over latest dimension w episode on toonami #dw
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+Kawaii 030 OMG YES I AM
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reshare if you want a queer tattoo


You got a unicorn, butterfly, angel wings, inner thigh
Queer tattoo, that's a queer tattoo
Flaming skull, smoking pot, that's the opposite of not a
Queer tattoo, it's a queer tattoo

You've got a tweety bird, you got a school mascot, got a hello kitty 
Tell you what you got, got a queer tattoo, such a queer tattoo
You think that symbol in Japanese, means strength or honor
Niger please it means queer tattoo, that's a queer tattoo

Any lower back tattoo is queer, it might as well say insert cock here
Whore tattoo, that's a whore tattoo
And that teardrop under your eye that you got in prison cause you killed a guy
That's a cool tattoo, sir that's a cool tattoo

You've got a comedy mask, got a tragedy mask, any fucking mask, 
Then you must have asked for a queer tattoo, give me your most queer tattoo
You're child's name with the words be strong, would be beautiful 
But they spelled strong wrong, yeah they spelled it stong, your stupid kid will now be stong,
How the hell they get that wrong, weren't you watching when they put that shit on

You love your laughing Jesus tat, 
But that's just Jesus laughing at your queer tattoos, 
So many queer tattoos

I guess you got that tribal band, 
From the tribe indigenous to the land of queer tattoos, 
We're the queer tattoos

You got barbwire, got a poker ace, got that fucked up thing on mike tyson's face, 
Got a queer tattoo, a sewiously queer tattoo

And by queer i just mean bad it wouldn't mean gay unless you had
A pink triangle on a rainbow flag, with a bear wearing leather
And a red ball gag, that's a queer tattoo, a literally queer tattoo
Sean “ᏠᏗᎩ ᎷᎧፈᏦᏋᎴ” Boehm's profile photo
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1st post

my first post post (with a poke ball)

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the owner is very nice
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