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A professional sculptor

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Hyena Project Part 3: The Sculpture
At first blush, hyenas resemble dogs with short hind legs. Upon closer inspection, the hyena's neck is longer, the face is different (especially the ears), and even the forelegs have a curious flexibility. As I welded the armature and began applying layer u...

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Hyena Blog Part Two: Getting Started
Because I have already spent many hours watching hyenas in the wild, I could not quite justify a trip to Africa (believe me, I tried). Picturing days filled with California sunshine and unlimited access, I settled on a week and a half at the San Diego Zoo. ...

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Hyena project Part 1: the Commission
   It is not every day that I receive correspondence asking me to create a life-size African mammal, let alone a popularly reviled creature that most people seem to consider downright ugly.     In popular myth, hyenas are portrayed as thieving cowards who o...

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Pack Trips!
      Only rarely do I invite people other than family members to accompany me into wild places. However, we have now organized not one, but two Pack Trips into Yellowstone's back country on horseback. Each trip lasted four nights and each produced wonderfu...

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Stories of the Creative Process: Wentai.
 I first met Wentai Kepera many years ago when my family visited a Maasai village called a manyata. Near the end of our visit, Lynn and the girls studied the beadwork and other handmade items for sale that women had laid out on blankets in the center of the...
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