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We will be running our best item this weekend. The Dual Leonardo Swords. We can always expect a good response. Everyone had a great Good Friday and Easter Weekend. 

We are looking to raise funds for a Jiu Jitsu Program in Brazil who trains and competes like World Champions but are having problems attending the competitions because they all come from less fortunate situations. 

Busted up my arm last night when I got hit with a quick armbar and did not have a chance to tap before the young buck hyper-extended it way past the point of no return. I have a competition coming up in about 10 days so I hope it heals before then. I have already paid for the flight, tournament fees etc so as long as I can move I will be heading out there to compete.

Hope everyone else is doing well. 

Jacked up my arm last night during BJJ. Got a tournament in another week. Hope it heals or I will be the one arm bandit at the tournament. 

The future is looking bright. Just got a call from a couple of Cosplay people who want to help us promote our products.

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We have some exciting news about our Cosplay. We have found a great supplier who does tons of Coplay and LARP items and we plan to be introducing those items to our site shortly. Stay tuned. 

The Business is going well but I am getting some feedback that the name needs to be changed.  They say that anything with the word Ninja in it is associated with cheap stuff and wannabe Ninja Players.  I had not heard that before.  What do you think?  

Doing well with the Embroidered patches lately.  

Not sure why but the last couple of days the orders have been really coming in.  Hope we can keep it up.  

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This is not the way to use the Musashi Sword.  Musashi cutting a chunk of table
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