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If the UI would be open source everything would be perfect now..
Please make a QWERTY model alongside a touch-only. A qwerty phone inspires hackers/developers to adopt and code for the platform.
SWIPE is awesome! please, make UI with SWIPE!
+Souren Araya: I would prefer an option to install custom keyboards (which will probably be there). By this, everyone who likes swype, is able to install it (it's available for MeeGo already), yet it will not be forced upon users.
Okay, I'm going to be "that guy" who always has to point out the flaws in someone's explanation. +Souren Araya 'swipe' does not equal 'swype.' The custom keyboard that +Andreas Grois is talking about is called "Swype," as Mr Grois appropriately commented on. "Swipe" is a feature of screen-edge, horizontal scrolling in the MeeGo UI, which is commonly mistaken for the Swype keyboard. :)
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